TechGuys Wont return My PC

  Robbed 23:14 21 Feb 2008

After 3 visits from the techguys to repair my pc, (each visit with wrong part) they uplifted my pc to be repaired. I phoned a week later to ask how it was going and was told my computer had been written off and they were sending vouchers.
Well i hadnt been asked so i demanded my pc back unrepaired so that i could fix it elsewhere with the parts i had gotten elsewhere.
And they blatantly refused to let me have my own property back. !!
Can they do that, take my legally owned property and do what they like with it and refuse to let me have it back ??
If it was a car would you be happy for a repair shop to keep it without asking and send you some measly tokens.?
I am appalled and have contacted my solicitor with a view of issuing a court order to get back my pc.
They stole it quite literally.
Thay are the absolute wrost bunch of cowboys i ever dealt with in my life.

  jarani 23:19 21 Feb 2008

I will follow this to see how you get on - it sounds outrageous - have they lost it or destroyed it ?

  Robbed 23:33 21 Feb 2008

hi jarani.
They have only had my machine a week and seem to think they can do as they please, that is why i will have to take a court order out to retrieve it.
Can you believe they wont return my legally owned pc.
They are in for a shock.

  merciarich 07:55 22 Feb 2008

They did the same to me, as I have posted previously on this forum.

They gave me £150 cash compensation plus the cost of the laptop, which some people see as suitable.

However, it is principle.

State to them in writing that unless your property is returned in the same condition as it was received, you will be taking it to the courts. It may be that bluffing will work, but if it doesnt, consult a solicitor and go through with it.... it is after all your property.

  oresome 09:18 22 Feb 2008

Have either of you looked at the T&C's of the support contract you signed with Techguys?

I'm not condoning what's happened, I'm just wondering if this is the action they state will happen in the event of the item being beyond economic repair.

  Forum Editor 10:32 22 Feb 2008

and as far as I'm aware the company may not refuse to return it to you if you decide that you do not wish to accept the voucher offer.

I'll be interested to learn of the outcome to this.

  rickf 10:47 22 Feb 2008

After reading the many postings about these guys I am appalled by their behaviour, behaviour without any concerns for the customer's legal rights not their legal obligations as a business. I am really interested in the outcome of this situation and I think if they were to change their approach as a result of this your efforts would be a service to the buying public.

  Robbed 12:38 22 Feb 2008

Contacted my Solicitor today ,he wants some more letters fired at these guys before he steps in.
Does anybody have any higher authority contacts for Techguys and PCworld where i bought my pc from. ?
Much appreciated, im stressed and fed up.

By the way, they just returned my hard drive today by registered post, strange when i requested every last bit of my property back.
I havent opened it though or opened the attached form. Still not good enough by a long long way.

  Robbed 12:39 22 Feb 2008

Thank you all for your support and stories also.
Thats appreciated by me greatly.

  dagbladet 12:46 22 Feb 2008


How do you mean, your solicitor "...wants some more letters fired at these guys before he steps in"?

Isn't that the kind of thing they (solicitors) do?

Not criticising, just not understanding.

  Robbed 14:20 22 Feb 2008

@ dagbladet

Thats ok, he is thinking that maybe this can be resolved without me having to pay him for his services, he is a family friend and is advising me what to do next,
The head of Pc Performance is calling me later today (so they say) to try to solve this.
But i am not holding my breath.
After all ,why should i have to pay for their wrongs.

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