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  Meechan 22:20 18 Jan 2009

I got a advent 5431 from dixons. Last Week a pink line down the screen so i phoned up The Tech Guys and they booked it in for a repair, So On Tuesday The Guy from DPD came, picked it up, gave me the tracking number for them. Acording to Dpd. My Laptop has been delivered to The Techguys.Now I'm Trying to track my laptop on The Tech Guys website but i've tried every number they have gave me won't allow me to track it. Any Advice

  curofone 22:47 18 Jan 2009

I never even knew that the techguys offered a tracking service on their website now, must be a pretty new service.

Anyway from my experience of the techguys i imagine tht the number that you would need is the JRS number (you were probably told it's called a job number) i think that it is 6 digits long and it is all numbers.

If you dont have that number then just give the call centre a call and ask for it, the call centre is open 24/7 although mondays are normally the busy day so i would aviod phoning them 2moro unless u do it v early (before 8) or v late (after 10)

  Meechan 23:01 18 Jan 2009
  curofone 23:35 18 Jan 2009

is that actually for tracking repairs? to me that looks like it is for tracking delivery of items that you have purchased from the techguys. I know for a fact that the number that is used for tracking items within the techguys is the JRS number, I am pretty sure if you range up the call centre asking for a 10 digit number they would not have a clue what you are on about.

If you do want to track your repiar you should have been asked if you wanted text messege updates on the progress of it (although some staff dont bother asking) and if you are not getting them just ring up the call centre and give them you JRS number/job number and they should be able to give you some basic information on the status of your job, ie if it has been assigned to an engineer, if it is awaiting parts, if it has been repiared but i do not think they have much more information than that at their disposal

  Meechan 23:55 18 Jan 2009

That Makes Sure.

  Meechan 23:56 18 Jan 2009

In My Last Post, I meant senses.

  birdface 10:41 19 Jan 2009

Maybe you should have taken it back and told them you wanted a new replacement.Only had it a week and having problems it may be the first of many.

  spuds 11:19 19 Jan 2009

Isn't there something in the DSG terms and conditions about refunds and replacements shortly after purchase. If I recall rightly, this was an option available to customers!.

The DPD guy would have given you a tracking number for their collection and delivery record, not a TechGuys job number , unless this was added elsewhere for TechGuy reference in the instructions for collection. You should have had the TechGuys reference, when you 'booked in' the repair.

As a suggestion, I would take a print-out of the delivery tracking details, for perhaps future reference.

  geordie1x1 15:47 20 Jan 2009

As a Tech Guy for a few years i can advise you of our procedure.
When we book a laptop for repair you should be given a job ref. no. (6 digits)
The laptop will then be collected by DPD on the selected date.
DPD should leave you with a reciept with all the information thet you need to track the laptop on there website.
Once in the workshop the only way to track the laptop progress is by calling the Tech Guys.
When the laptop is returned to DPD for redelivery you recieve a text message from DPD with the proposed delivery date(only if you left a mobile number with the Tech Guys).
If the delivery date is not suitable you can reply to the text with a different date.

Hope this has been of help.

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