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  RobCharles1981 13:45 22 Mar 2011

Hi All.

About 2 Years ago I purchased a Sony HDR SR10E Handy Cam from a seller on Ebay which came with the

"What Ever Happens" Protection Cover It was great deal and this camera has been my pride and joy. When I brought it he provided me with his Email should anything go wrong with it and so forth

Last year when I was on Holiday I had a minor accident which unfortunately dropped on the Floor that resulted in a minor blemish on the LCD Screen and from this point I'm trying to contact the Seller to arrange a repair and service of my camera.

Emails where going unanswerd for a while and I thought this was not good enough, eventually the Sellers Wife contacted me to say her Husband was not well he had a Heart Attack or something along those lines.

And still nothing had been done.

A few months latter I decided to speak to the Tech Guys who said that I needed to contact the seller to get my Details onto the What Ever happens as this camera needs fixing.

Up until this day I'm trying to contact the seller to get this sorted. As of I now its been established that Her Husband has Passed Away and no communication with no one.

What can I do to this sorted?



  carver 14:09 22 Mar 2011

Sorry but had to say this, have you tried a Ouija Board.

  RobCharles1981 14:55 22 Mar 2011

Good point!!

On the note just got onto the Tech Guys now and its been booked in and I explained the Situation and they need the persons details (The Widow) to confirm the name change.


  sidecar sid 19:58 22 Mar 2011

Do you really think it is nessecarry to bother a recently widowed woman for what you describe as a minor blemish to the LCD screen?

  finerty 20:41 22 Mar 2011

whatever happens cover does that include death of the seller

  RobCharles1981 21:29 22 Mar 2011

sidercar sid - I think it should, its a camera worth at least £800 and to add to this some minor problems need seeing too, such as the remote sensor on the camera which recently stopped functioning. So its important that this camera is at least serviced.

Finerty - Yes I know that, all the Widow has to do is initially ring or write to the techguys to confirm the details to them and the matter will be sorted.

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