The Tech Guys have got me round the bend.

  De Marcus 15:33 27 May 2009

Hi all, it's been a long, long, long........

time since I was last here.

I've a gripe.

I sent my advent 4211 notebook in for a faulty lcd repair under warranty 2 months ago, the notebook itself was in excellent condition but you couldn't see anything on the screen, I got by with plugging it into a monitor whilst I waited for it to be collected.

Two weeks later it arrives back, mangled! The screen had been replaced and was working, little comfort. Then I took a closer look and for some reason the bezel that surround looked like it had pried open with a bolster chisel (and subsequently cracked). The bezel around the screen was not only cracked but coming away from the lid where it had been prised open.

The hinge covers that protect the lcd wires that come from the mptherboard to the lcd are missing. There is also a mention on the report that the motherboard was replaced, which was fine before it went in. This notebook went into the tech guys in as new conditionbeing only a few months old. It came back in the above described condtion and scratched to hell to boot.

I sent it back explaining the problems and that I wasn't happy, it must have stood in a corner for 2 whole weeks as it was sent back in the exact same condition with a 'repaired' note attatched, and 'OS Diagnosis' passed note.

I thought I'd be lucky third time round and explained explicitly (but politely) the above situation, I was told it would be sent to another workshop (no, I didn't believe it either) with the notes added from our conversation attatched.

It was duly picked up and 2 weeks later (today) it arrived............

In exactly ther same condition, but with the added bonus of a new power brick (old one was in new condition and perfectely functional) and a note attatched saying 'repaired'.

I've been on the phone again and they've arranged for another collection tommorow. I'm at my wits end and dread what will arrive in 2 weeks time (probably some kind of ahybrid). I've done all the complaining I can and was wondering if you guys had any advice. I sent my notebook in to them in new condition, that's most definetely not what I've got now.

  bjh 16:29 27 May 2009

Ok, firstly feel free to give me an e-maul for a smart-arse comment... I take digital photos of stuff I'm returning, which always helps resolve these problems (OW, too hard!).

OK, it sounds to me like you have acted reasonably, and asked them to rectify a fault. In doing so, they have a duty of care to look after your equipment. They have not!

I believe that Jon Naylor is the Customer Service Director of DSG group, of which The Tech Guys is a part. You should be able to write to him at

PC World
Maylands Avenue
Hemel Hempstead

Make it recorded delivery. (I haven't an email, but print is probably better). Explain the problem in detail (but if possible, not at length!). Ask him to intervene to resolve the problem.

I'm sure you'll get some more sensible advice posted as well. Consumer Direct may well be able to advise
click here

  bjh 16:31 27 May 2009

Jon Naylor is "Customer Experience Director, PC World Stores Group"...

Well, I guess you've had an "experience"... I'd drop him a line, giving him his full title!

  De Marcus 17:55 27 May 2009

Hi bjh,

I've got the 'before' and 'afters', they're simply not interested.

  Forum Editor 18:22 27 May 2009

but they have no choice. If your computer has been damaged in the course of a repair, and if you have photographic evidence of its state before it went to The Tech Guys you can ask them to provide you with a replacement, or compensate you for the damage.

Unfortunately, if they flatly refuse to meet their obligation to you there's little you can do about it, other than taking an action against them in the small claims court.

Before it comes to considering that, I suggest that you write to the customer experience Director mentioned by bjh. State your case clearly and firmly, and include the words 'I reserve my rights in this matter' at the end of the letter. Don't send it by recorded delivery, use Special (next working day)delivery, and state that you require some sort of resolution within 14 days.

  De Marcus 18:33 27 May 2009

Thanks FE, I think that's going to be my only course of action.

They're coming to collect the notebook tommorow, final chance (3 times too many). If it's returned again in the same condition in no doubt 2 weeks time I will be sending them that letter.

  Kevscar1 18:40 27 May 2009

I wouldn't wait, write to him now saying it has been returned yet again and ask that he take action to prevent it being returned to you in an unacceptable condition.

  De Marcus 18:51 27 May 2009

Good idea Kevscar.

Think I'll follow up on that.


  De Marcus 20:55 04 Jun 2009

I actually got the netbook back within 3 days of sending it, so my letter is pointless, and I'll explain why.

With regard to how quickly I got it back, it must be a record turnaround for the tech guys, 1 day to ship in, 1 day to say 'ah crap, it's back, get it booked back out', and 1 day to return it in the same condition, unfixed, still knackered, kapoot!

The same day I got it back, I rang the tech guys to be told straight away that it was beyond the 28 day limit to which they have to repair it and that I should request an exchange at the store where it was bought. I questioned them on this as I was oblivious to the rule and wondered if I'd be wasting my time pleading with the store rep. The kindly gentleman said 'no', nip down, any problems, tell them to call me on ext#, etc.

Having bore the brunt of pcworld and it's 'terms & conditions' before I was especially wary when I ventured into the store, only to have that perception blown out of the water.

I was greeted at the desk by a young lad who after explaining what had happened, immediately confirmed the 28 day rule, scanned my receipt, and said 'go and pick anything you like from the store up to the value of £280.00', I did, and upgraded the machine to a Dell Inspiron Mini 10 for a little bit extra. fab, happy at last, almost.

My experiences with this company are now and forever at an end (providing the dell doesn't go down), I'm happy I've ended up with the Dell, it's a much better machine than the Advent but it doesn't make up for the sheer lack of enthuisiasm provided by customer support, the simple task of relaying a message (THE HINGES ARE MISSING!) to the repair dept being totally understood (please read 'ignored'). The fact that parts were replaced which didn't need replacing and the absolute exasperation experienced after each phone call (believe me it took a lot to remain calm and composed).

I suppose it's a shame really, I've been a loyal customer for 12 years, purely beacuse they were convenient (not price competitive) and on my doorstep, I think I'll devote my business elsewhere for purchases above and beyond £50.00 from now on.

  curofone 21:49 04 Jun 2009

I know that the tech guys let you down in this instance as they could not send a simple messege to the workshop but the staff at the call centre only have a very limited space on their booking system to actually point what the problem with the machine is and therefore something that seems simple becomes hard. I believe the work shop has access to the call notes but that does not always mean that they get read.

Best thing to do when sending a machine away to any repair shop, not just the techguys one is put a piece of paper between the keyboard and screen detailing all of the problems with the machine, when problems occur and what you have done to try and resolve them. The more information they have the better chance it has of everything getting sorted.

Also for your own records make a note of the serial number of everything you send away, ie the machine and the power supply unit. and finally take a photo of the machine with a time and date on it. This might seem like a lot of work but in truth it will take 5 minutes to do and will save you a lot of time in the event of something going wrong later down the line or in the event that the machine has multiple problems and having to be sent away twice or more as they only solved the one problem the guy on the phone noted down on the job as he/she did not have room to fit the second job on.

  De Marcus 20:54 05 Jun 2009

That's a lot of work on my behalf that should never, ever, ever, have to occur for a business such as pc worlds. I actually did on the third repair attempt slide a note between the keyboard and screen, it didn't work, as a matter of fact, for the last 2 repairs I got a rather snotty letter included which detailed something along the lines of 'accidental damage, scratches, liquid damage, damage from misuse, etc is not covered by your warranty', which is fine, except I didn't cause the damage in the first place.

I was astute enough to have done what you've mentioned but only because of past experiences with PCWorld. I'm fully aware that there is no such thing as a perfect business operation / model but pc worlds repair department (i.e. the tech guys) leaves a lot to be desired. Granted you only ever hear from those who have had problems but if you research those enough you'll find multiple complaints detailing unnecessarily replaced components and try as I might I can't figure an explanation for this (actually I can but I won't air it on a popular, publicly accessible forum).

You seem to have a little bit more than the average consumers knowledge of the tech guys inner workings, are you perhaps an employee of the group (just asking)?

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