tech guys faults due to accidental damage?

  suecitysue 01:46 03 Jun 2008

hi to everybody first! wonder if anyone can Please help i do not no what to do bought laptop from currys september 25th 2007 about 3 mths ago it would not boot up took it to currys after a lot of unessasary conflict of what had i done etc they took it and sent it off for repair (to cut a long story short)had it back with new hard drive. On 2nd May when i switched laptop on no power what so ever no batterypower getting through took battery off plugged power supply in no power so took it back to currys same happened as last time questioned as to WHAT DID YOU DO WHY WOULDNT IT TURN ON cut long story short they sent it to tech guys my lap top came back 19th may 2008 I was told in shop yes everything fixed sign here I asked what was wrong with it and I was stalled I will have to ask such and such a body i looked at the repair sheet everything ticked on it so i took it home This was Biggest mistake i made to my amazement I opened lap top when home letter inside it stated any manufacturer faults have been rectified.however, any faults due to accidental damage are not covered under first years warranty? What accidental damage? took it back to currys asked for manager he was not at all interested told me to phone the tech guys they did the repair basicaly sort it out with them if they have stated it has been accidentaly damaged then it must have been these people are technicians and are specialised in this area. Well what more can i say I have not phoned because he has realy put me off as though I can realy do nothing else about it the only damage to my lap top is tiny scuffs on outer lid which I would not even call scratches it was in good condition there is a lot more to this story but i wont be able to fit every bit in in detail briefly no powerlead back with lap top where it has been unsrewed under neath they have snapped the plastic off and looking closley it has been bloody glued it looks as though it has been screwed back together too tightly because cracking around other screws how can i prove i am certainly innocent of any damage and they have butcherd my lap top please help I have all receipts etc service dockets when i have checked the paperwork i have now noticed x next to damaged then scratches on top( typed next to it)i did not check this when i signed the laptop into store or else i would of queried the word Damaged

  smithy1155 15:20 06 Jun 2008

every time i've sent my laptop away it has come back with another problem, if you talk to anyone on the currys customer service they will try and fob you off.

best bet is to get in contact with trading standards as that is what i'm doing.

  suecitysue 21:21 06 Jun 2008

So sorry not been back intouch.
sorry for not explaining properly.
I got my laptop back 19th may and have not done anything since then.
I know it sounds pathetic but currys conviced me the tech guys are right.
so any advice would be helpfull

  jack 17:40 08 Jun 2008

Take it back once more.
Make last of of all the happenings and a further list of marks scratches that have occurred during this business-
And insist they accept the machine and give you a receipt for the condition the receive it in.
When comes back - sign nothing until they can show it to you working.
By all means get trading standards in on the act - and tell them that you have done so.

  suecitysue 01:50 11 Jun 2008

THANKYOU to every one i will keep you all posted

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