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  kvb 14:59 10 Jan 2008

I am in the middle (or at least somewhere on the curve) of dealing with the Techguys repair service. On October 24th/07 my Acer 9500 was collected from my office and despatched to them for repair. The repair was to take 2-3 weeks and the cost of the job (site unseen) to include parts,labour and carriage was £219.00 paid in advance. I have been contacting them at least weekly to try and get them to sort out the machine but all I am ever told is that they can't get the right parts. One of their account reps told me thay had tried 8 motherboards in the machine! I can't imagine it taking a technician with an interest 11 weeks to repair any computer. Escalating my concerns is almost impossible due to stonewalling by the sales staff.

In Sept/Oct 07 in this forum ALLEE obtained help and spport and through some intervention with DSG was able to get her machind back and working.

Can anyone help by providing details of how to escalate a concern with the Techguys?

  Forum Editor 23:48 10 Jan 2008

to hear these people saying they have tried 8 motherboards in your computer - did they perhaps explain why?

A repair delay of over two months is excessive unless there's a particular reason, and 'can't get the right parts' isn't a particularly helpful explanation - although of course it may very well be true.

You say that the sales staff are stonewalling your attempts to escalate your concerns - could you perhaps be more specific - what do they actually say when you ask for the escalalation?

  kvb 10:34 11 Jan 2008

When you call them you get a call centre rep. The rep that takes the call is nowhere near the machine and only refers to notes or a screen regarding the status of the machine.

When I have pointed out to them that the repair is taking an excessive length of time and that the matter needs escalation they say there is nothing that can be done and nowhere for me to refer the matter.

In my last call I persevered and insisted I be given a contact to escalate the matter. I was told to call Customer Service. Upon contacting Customer service I was advised (after a delay of several minutes) that they only provide Customer service for warranty claims and not cash sales repair (perhaps this means I'm not a real customer)

I just call for my weekly disappointment from Techguys to be advised yet again that they are awaiting parts this is the story I have been told since early November. I asked for escalation and was advised a Manager would contact me but that there was little that could be done as the machine was in a different part of the country!

  ajm 23:16 12 Jan 2008

Hi kvb. If you have a moment, will you be able to email me the details along with any reference numbers, dates, etc. Please do that through the yellow box next to my name. I shall pass your details through someone I know in DSG and will endeavour to resolve this, hopefully.

  Forum Editor 00:02 13 Jan 2008

I strongly recommend that you follow up on ajm's offer. He has been successful in helping to resolve similar problems in the past.

Please don't post any details here - send them directly to ajm by clicking on the small envelope next to his name.

  kvb 13:20 14 Jan 2008

Many thanks. I have forwarded my details and the job number for the computer repair as suggested.

I will wait to see what develops

Again thank you for your support

  kvb 16:34 15 Jan 2008


I have sent 2 emails using the forum contact link and have had 2 messages advising of delivery delay on e-mail to AJM.

As I am now 83 days into this repair you will appreciate my desire to get the matter resolved.

Can you help with any contact information for senior management at DSG?


  ajm 17:17 15 Jan 2008

I have had no issues with emails on my part. I have sent you an email using the small yellow envelope next to your name.

  kvb 11:45 16 Jan 2008

I had a call from Techguys today wherein a nice lady advised me that they would keep in touch with me concerning my repair but that some parts were required! When I mentioned to her that I had been hearing the same story for the past 9 weeks she said she couldn't comment because it seems my file only dates from Jan 9/08..que passe?

  ajm 19:06 16 Jan 2008

Thanks for your email. I have replied back requesting one little piece of info.
My contact at DSG was surprised at the long delay.
Many thanks. We hope to get it resolved soon

  kvb 13:04 18 Jan 2008

I have forwarded e-mail of details to some managers @ PC World and now await some response. I will keep this thread up to date with the saga as it evolves.

Thanks for the inpput and the contact info.

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