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  CygnusR 22:06 13 May 2008

Im not entirely how to start this, but the beginning is usually the best option.I have a laptop - Fujitsu Siemens LI1820 which i purchased from PC World in September 2007.

Along with the laptop (which itself was was around £500), I purchased a extended warranty from the Tech Guys for £8.99 a month.

Now on around the 10th of April, The hinges on my laptop broke, along with the hinge part which attaches the screen to main body.

So roughly a week later, i booked it in for repair, and by the 20th of April it had been booked in.

At 8:02 am on the 29.04.08 i received a text message from the Tech Guys, telling me the parts needed to repair my laptop were out of stock, and it would take 5 working days to fix it.

I then phoned them 5 working days later, full expecting to be told my laptop was ready to be delivered, but i was told that the required parts hadnt arrived yet.

I then left it for one week and phoned on the 8th of May, and was told the parts had been arrived, and were waiting to be fitted.

The next day (9th of may )i then received a text message from the tech guys that more parts where required, and would be ordered and fitted within the next three days. I then phoned them today (the 13th) and spoke to the team leader(team K01) Craig Connely. He refused to tell me when i could get my laptop, and why there had been such little contact between me and them (i have received a total of 2 messages and no phone calls)

It has now been a total of 23 days without my laptop,and as a IT student, it plays a vital part in my studies. Right now i am extremly annoyed at this terrible level of service, and the fact they only knew they had too order two extra parts, three weeks into its repair. IS there anything i can do to move it along faster, and prehaps better service?

  citadel 22:31 13 May 2008

my bet is they have lost it.

  ajm 23:14 13 May 2008

You have a couple of options:

1. Wait until the repair is done
2. Wait for a further 5 more days and then Contact customer services and say you wish to invoke the 28-day rule. This basically means that if in the 1st year, a product cannot be repaired within 28 days, you are entitled to vouchers allowing you to purchase a repalcement. If you booked it in your local store, go there and tell them that you wish to invoke this rule.

If you need further clarification, use the yellow box to contact me.

  spuds 10:04 14 May 2008

I haven't noticed your user-name before, and perhaps you are fairly new to this forum. I would suggest that you take the advice and offer from ajm. You won't regret it.

  ajm 01:09 16 May 2008

spuds: thanks for your kind words. CygnusR has already been in touch with me and has been updated on what is happening. I am sure CygnusR will give an final update soon

  spuds 08:17 16 May 2008

You are most welcome. Praise where praise is due ;o)

Will await and see what the final outcome is to be, and perhaps a further finale from CygnusR.

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