TecGuys What Ever Happens Cover Plan

  RobCharles1981 16:46 20 Jul 2010

I've got a Sony Handycam HDR SR10E Video Camera Which I Brought Of Ebay last September. And it had come with the "What Ever Happens Agreement" With Currys From Where it was brought.

However recently when on Holiday the camera developed a slight fault, the LCD Panel has created a scratch and a scuffle on the right hand side of the camera.

So today now I spent about 50mins in the phone que in order to speak to a human, and they said I had to change the the policy name holder over to mine for the camera to be repaired. Ok fair enough they give me number of 0844 561 4000 option 3 + 1 to speak to somebody who would do this.

I got through and the person on the end of the phone was no help she said I had to write in for this to happen.

Im now waiting in thre phone que to speak to someone with common sense or could you help?



  wee eddie 18:05 20 Jul 2010

Insurance Policies, lapsed with a change of ownership.

Good luck

  qbie 18:59 20 Jul 2010

The WEH policy should still be valid, however the original owner should have notified them when they sold you the item and the policy.

They may still need to speak to the original policy holder to verify the change of details - this is fairly sensible I would have thought to prevent fraud and people claiming on other peoples coverplans.

  RobCharles1981 10:13 21 Jul 2010

Yep quite right too, thanks guys, I've contacted the original owner he will sort it out.

The "TechGuys" phone system as annoying press 1 press 2 for that then you wait in the que for at least 50mins to speak to someone and with that annoying woman automated message!

  Arnie 11:25 21 Jul 2010

I think these non-geographic call numbers are a rip-off.
There is no reason to use them at all.

03 preceded numbers can achieve the same results as 0845, 0870 and 0871 numbers for a company.
Richer Sounds manage with them and so do the BBC.

I see some people call 0845 numbers a local call.
They are not.

BTW Rob, do you by any chance play the electronic organ?

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