Targa PC/Laptop Offers from Lidl 25/03/2002

  weedode 11:29 20 Mar 2004

From Thursday 25/03 LIDL ( a German rival of ALDI ) have a Targa PC or Laptop on offer for under £1000 ( the reason for the OR is that dependant on the region you are in determines whether it is a PC or Laptop that is the offer ) the Spec for both is very impressive. The PC has the New AMD 64bit CPU at 3000+ MHZ. There are also other computer equipment on offer.See click here . By the way I have nothing to do with LIDL. I was the proud owner of an early ALDI supplied Medion before self building.

  Stuartli 11:40 20 Mar 2004

The great majority of laptops are rebranded Taiwanese manufactured products (Acer, for instance, is the world's biggest producer) - if you can find out who makes this laptop it will make a decision that little bit easier.

  Totally-braindead 12:00 20 Mar 2004

If I didn't have a pretty good computer already I'd certainly consider it, got the leaflet with all the info last week and it seems to be a cracking PC for the money (talking about the desktop not the laptop).

  slightlymad 12:42 20 Mar 2004

I'm glad you started this thread, weedode. I'm very interested in the desktop, and would appreciate opinions. click here

  weedode 14:12 20 Mar 2004

Silly me - just noticed I dated the offer as 2002

  Stuartli 15:32 20 Mar 2004

By the way, Aldi and Lidl are brothers.

  rickf 15:36 20 Mar 2004

Those specs look very good, slightlymad. Go for it at £899. Mind you this is base unit only so you'll have to get a monitor and add the price to that.

  weedode 15:45 20 Mar 2004

LIDL and ALDI are rival German ( European )Supermarket Chains comparable to Tesco and Asda. These Computer Offers were available in LIDL stores in Germany from Saturday 13th March 2004 and the following sites have test reports on both computers : - click here and click here. Using Google you can get pages translated in to English

  slightlymad 16:47 20 Mar 2004

Thanks, rickf - I'll pass the recommendation on to my daughter and her boyfriend. They need a new PC with powerful specs as they both do lots of graphics work, and the home cinema sounds like a real bonus. Monitor not needed, as they have a couple.

  Stuartli 17:41 20 Mar 2004

The one snag with such offers is that you can't go back to Lidl if you have problems and be able to find someone to help you.....

Better to buy from an outlet, whether locally or online, that can provide the after sales service which may be required.

If there is an expensive support telephone line as backup for this offer then it could prove not to have been a bargain after all.

  slightlymad 14:20 21 Mar 2004

From Lidl's leaflet: "When it comes to the reliability of Lidl PCs we can give yo our full assurance and suport and in the unlikely event of a problem will be rapid and thorough. Our after sales services shows just how good this product really is. With the 1 year manufacturer's warranty, the rapid pick-up service and professional hotline service we can solve any problem or difficulties you may have after purchase."

Even if the support line is expensive (I'll check), this sounds good enough to me.

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