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  Haddock iii 12:48 12 Oct 2005

does anybody have experience of Targa PCs. Hamish gave a link yesterday to a deal at Lidl which shows what appears to be an amazingly good deal on Targa Ultra AN64 3700+.

Have never heard of Targa though.

  Hamish 13:50 12 Oct 2005

I have a Targa desktop, a targa laptop and also a targa moniter. The desktoop is about 3 years old, and after a few weeks it gave me a problem, overheating, a quick call to Targa resulted in an engineer calling and tried a repair. The computer was later collected, taken to Germany and returned a week later. Touch wood has been good since. The laptop is excellent as is the moniter, Targa is a big company - type Targa into Google, also type Lidl into the search box on the left of this page. Targa offers an excellent after sales service but better than I obtained on previous computers and seems to be better than other firms when looking at some of the posts here. Lidl will give no after sales but Targa does. If you wish to buy at Lidls you will to be at the shop early as each shop only get a limited number and are usually sold out within minutes of opening.

  Stuartli 14:00 12 Oct 2005

Targa is a well known German manufacturer and has similar tie-ups with Lidl as Aldi with Medion (which is a rebadger rather than a manufacturer).

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:01 12 Oct 2005

These are Medion computers and also known as Cybermaxx. You will not buy better, I have a Medion and would buy another tomorrow. Excellent spec, quality and price.


  Haddock iii 14:25 12 Oct 2005

I will be queing up outside Lidl next Monday! thanks for advice

  Alan2 15:03 12 Oct 2005

A Cautionary Note:

I purchased a Targa laptop from Lidl 5 weeks ago just after their special computer promotion weekend having seen the excellent specification in their flyer. When I picked it up I was escorted to the checkout by a salesperson who, after the transaction was completed, took the box from me, opened it and proceeded to check the contents against the check list. This was done without my involvement.

When he judged all was in order I was asked to sign my agreement to this on the check sheet which he then retained stating this was company policy and I couldn’t have a copy as they had no facilities. I think it was A3. I indicated my dissatisfaction to this by writing a relevant comment on the sheet as I now had no means of checking these items myself.

A few days later on downloading MS Word updates I encountered an error message preventing the update and on contacting Targa was told to simply insert the MS Works DVD I didn’t have! On advising Targa of the missing DVD and the confiscated check sheet they sent me a check sheet (which may or may not have been the same as the one originally supplied) plus an “Affidavit” on which to claim for any missing MS discs (due to strict copyright rules).

To cut this story shorter Targa came through this almost with flying colours - I would mark them down for not including any useful instructions on helping to set up networking facilities or the other peripherals.

Later, on running the Everest system checker I noted that only 512 MB of RAM were installed instead of the promised 1024 MB and the CPU was not the AMD Turion splashed across the flyer. Looking closely at the box I found it agreed with the above. I came to the conclusion that it was old stock.

I returned the machine to the Lidl branch and the Manager readily agreed to refund my money. It did, though, take two weeks to get a cheque - posted second class.

Has this put me off considering purchasing another Targa computer from Lidl? NO!

I was generally happy with Targa’s handling of the issues but I would be very, very cautious with Lidl and ensure that I pick up what is advertised and participate fully in the item check.

  Haddock iii 16:57 12 Oct 2005

thanks for that Alan2. I still intend to buy the targa, but I will be prepared in case I get the same treatment.

Sounds a bit heavy handed, but at least Lidl resolved it satisfactorily in the end.

I will let you know how I get on next week.

  Stuartli 17:22 12 Oct 2005

With all due respects Targa and Medion (a rebrander not a manufacturer) are completely separate companies.

Targa was established in the early 1990s by Actebis who redesigned and rebranded its systems under the Targa name but, as part of its overall strategy, sold the rights a couple of years ago.

  Quiet Life 12:04 13 Oct 2005

Targa I had their last offer a 3400+ and found the machine to be badly specified. All the major components are Targa edition and are not listed on manufacturers sites as either specially made or downgrades. The machine suffered from severe overheating. Targa pay no attention to component manufacturers specs. regarding system cooling and on the 3400+ there are no case fans. With a passively cooled graphics card and a CPU fan running at only 1500rpm this is a recipe for disaster. The CPU temperature warning alarm is set by Targa in the bios at 80c yet AMD specify a max. temp. of 70c for the 3400+. I would think the max temp. for the 3700 is probably 65c.
The lights on the DVD ram drives are not visible through the case front. The case is a cheap one sided affair where the drives are screwed on one side only. This probably accounted for the extremely noisy harddrive.
The bios is supplied by Targa and does not contain many features that are on the Gigabyte mobo bios. Targa refused to fit a case fan but replaced the CPU fan with a 2000rpm fan which had virtually no effect on the overheating which occurs through intensive processor use like video editing or games. Targa's attitude is not understandable as both AMD and Gigaybyte specify at least one 80mm exhaust fan. Their second proposed remedy was to fit a 3500 processor which would ran cooler. However as their engineer had at the first attempt in fitting the replacement fan fited the cooler incorrectly and the temp had shot to 92c before the machine turned itself off and as they again refused to fit a system fan I told them I had had enough and would request Lidl to take the computer back as not fit for the purpose for which they had advertised. Targa refuse point blank to take the machine back and said Lidl would not take it back without their authority.
As far as the non visible diodes Targa first said to move the computer out of direct light but when their engineer confirmed that they were not visible in any light they said most of their customers did not like flashing lights and if I did like them then take the front off of the case!
Their engineer failed to show for the first appointment and Targa support was extremely arrogant on the matter of overheating stating they had sold thousands of machines and they did not need system cooling. AMD's sytem temp. requirement is a max. of 7c over ambient temp. with an overall max. of 40c. Like the processor specified temp. this could be exceeded by as much as 7c. In addition the harddrive could run at 59c which will inevitably lead to a very reduced life.
The apparent good value offered by Targa was to me basically an illusion as what I got was not what I thought I would be getting. Targa were exactly right in their description of items but "Targa edition" should be checked out.
My e-mail exchanges with Targa run to some 12 pages and although they had to be chased on accasion and promised returned calls not made they did not seem any worse than other service depts. I hope my postings on the return of the computer to Lidl will be much shorter.
Quiet life

  Haddock iii 12:56 13 Oct 2005

buying a computer is definitely the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

It's not even for me - it's for Haddock iv.

I decided that my 10 year old Time PC was no longer viable (and had stood unused for approx 6 years). So in January decided that a new PC would be Haddock iv's next xmas present.

Since then I have bought every copy of PC Advisor, and now understand lots of things about PCs I didn't used to - really basic things like what RAM is, up to (for me) quite complex stuff like the importance of the motherboard.

Since January I have configurated a thousand computers on various websites, juggling my limited budget to best effect.

I finally thought I had cracked it with the Targa, and envisioned myself camping out - Harrods Sale style - outside our local Lidl on Sunday night.

Now really, really don't know what to do. I don't feel I would have the technical knowledge to deal with the problems faced by Queit Life, and worry I would simply be left with a box that adds further clutter to iv's already incredibly messy bedroom.

back to configurating methinks.

  Quiet Life 14:13 13 Oct 2005

I know what you are going through as I have been the same route. The 3700 is not yet on Targa's UK site but from the info. on the Lidl site I would comment as follows. The present offer differs as follows: CPU 3700 as against 3400. Graphics card 6600 as against 6645.
2x200 gb harddrives as against 1x400.

1. The AMD 3700 (939)processor is described as having 1000 hyper threading. The AMD 3700 on the AMD site has 2000HT. Technically I do not know how much slower this runs at but this is obviously a way of getting the price down.
2. The previous Gigabyte graphics card 6645 Targa edition was bench marked by a German magazine as faster than the 6600. They are both pasively cooled and run extremely hot.
3. The two hard drives will need more PSU output and as the previous PSU was only a minimum 300watt it should be increased. No doubt Targa will fit what they can get away with as against what is really desirable.
The case would appear to be identical so the DVD rom diodes will again not be visible.
One other problem is with the guarantee you cannot fit anything yourself without invalidating it. Other annoying cost cutting issues. There is no floppy drive,no reset button and no system speaker. (There is a speaker on the mobo but it is very faint)
The main issue is one of cooling and I would ascertain from Targa if they now fit any system cooling and also the rating of the PSU.
I am sure there are many forum contributors who have experience on CPU/System cooling and required PSU rating for this computer.
I was originally thinking of building my own but as I checked and could not buy the components for waht Targa was sellin at I opted for the Targa. I was unaware of what Targa edition meant and the cost cutting required to sell at the price that they do.
As in all things you get what you pay for!!
I gave Targa the chance to fit a fan which would have cost very little . But they were adamant they would not and also said they could do nothing about the diodes not being visible.
I think they aree very stupid to sell this as a top of the range gaming , multi media machine when no account has been taken of cooling requirements.

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