Targa or acer??

  pihar 14:18 25 Sep 2007

Can any one help me?? I want to buy a home stationary computer and have no idea what to buy. I have a couple of options A Targa mutimedia AN64 5000+ DC or an Acer Aspire T180E Vista. Both are about the same price. I have never heard of Targa before and i am not so familiar with acer either. Has anyone got any reports on these 2 computers that could help me? Or is there another system that someone could recomend maybe?

  spuds 16:26 25 Sep 2007

Targa are a well known German company, and their computers are usually available from Lidl. Acer are also a very well known company, and their products are available from many outlets including superstores.

Acer seem to have a mixed opinion about customer aftercare service, some people have had problems other people have not. Targa doesn't seem to get much publicity regarding aftercare service, perhaps due to scarcity on the UK market, and perhaps good aftercare!.

There are stacks of systems on the market, perhaps if you tell us your requirements, then someone may have the solution and the price suitable for you.

  dms05 16:28 25 Sep 2007

I bought an Acer Aspire about 18 months ago and it's operated without a problem. Acer are one of the worlds largest PC makers and you'll find them in many outlets. My local Tesco have several laptops and desktop Acers on display for you to try. Current offer from Tesco Direct is 17" Dual Core Acer laptop with 1Gb RAM and 120Gb HDD + WiFi for under £500.

  Quiet Life 16:40 25 Sep 2007

Targa are only sold through Lidl and appear to offer a lot for the money but beware of the description "Targa Edition" as they use cut down components that are not sold elsewhere. They use their own bios which does not allow adjustments that can be done on a bios supplied by a motherboard manufacturer. All updates are restricted to those on the Targa site.
I had a bad experience with Targa where the machine was not specified correctly and they failed to put it right. Lidl eventually refunded me.
They do sell a lot of machines and obviously some people are very happy with their purchase. I was not one of them.
Acer are now the second largest computer manufacturer in the world and must sell a pretty good product to get there.I have had one of their laptops for a year and it has been faultless

  pihar 18:28 25 Sep 2007

thanks for your responses, been a great help! What i require is just a good home pc. I would like a stationary unit, as i think it is more robust for the kids. I have absolutley no idea about pc requirements at all, you may as well be speaking french to me!!! I would like a pc that i can download movies/music, burn cds,photos,movies etc, cordless network, possibly tv tuner, several usb ports ,be reliable and fast.i would also like a large hard disk. Any ideas that would be better than the two brands i have suggested?? I live in norway so not sure we can get hold of the other brands available, but hey worth a try!! i have about £500-600 to spend on the unit and another two on the screen. I would like to make sure i get good graffics on the screen too. Is this possible for the sort of money i am playing with??

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:37 25 Sep 2007

click here the Inspiron 531 with 22" screen for £600 ..believe me this is a great machine and will do all you want. You can add a wireless card and TV tuner for less than a hundred and still be under your budget. I have ordered many Dells and they are very, very good.

  Quiet Life 23:04 25 Sep 2007

Dell and HP are both big in Norway but Windows operating system language usually that of the country.
If you cannot handle Windows in Norwegian could be a problem. Bringing from UK could be a problem if something goes wrong.
Acer were selling machines in Portugal with Windows Media Center and having the option of English/Spanish / Portuguese on first start up.
All i-macs have the option of choosing almost any language on first start up and with their new operaing system out shortly could be worth looking at.

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