Targa from LIDL? never again!

  GeNeRaLsPoOk 18:28 11 Jan 2007

i bought a targa 64bit amd machine from lidl last year on a new store promotion for £399.
lovely machine, nice and fast, but the only problem is, the repairman has spent more time with it than i have.
it has had the following components replaced:motherboard 3 times, hard drive 3 times, videocard twice, memory twice,processor once, the guy has been out 14 times in 10 months.
this week he came out and replaced the motherboard again along with the processor and the hdd. he put windows on again along with all the drivers.
it was running, he left, i turned it off.
i went back to work, came home and switched my machine on, i should have left it off, lol.
it didnt even get to boot up when it decided to restart again, and again, and again. so it sits in the corner waiting for the customer relations team to return my calls. in the meantime, i will carry on using my old faithful machine that i built from scratch 2 years ago when the barton 3500+ AMD chips came out.
i fell into the trap of buying a targa because the machine had "everything" was 64bit and fast as hell, all i can say to someone thinking about it, DO NOT BUY A TARGA PC.
go to your local computer shop that builds their own systems, and have them build you one to your spec.
that way you can take it back and have them fix it.

  GeNeRaLsPoOk 18:33 11 Jan 2007

oh, i forgot to say that the 3 year on site warranty was very inviting too, but it's no good having the warranty if they cant fix the thing!

  lisa02 18:53 11 Jan 2007

I find the amount of failures in this system unbelievable! Is there any components left that haven't been changed? psu? Could it be that that's frying everything? Either that or the engineer's an idiot.

I don't want to overstep the mark but it's not a good idea (against the rules) to slate a company and instruct people to stay away, from one personal experience.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:12 11 Jan 2007

To have so many of the same things go wrong would have me looking elsewhwere rather than in the computer. This sounds very much like leccy surges.


  g0nvs 19:55 11 Jan 2007

At least their after sales service is spot on !

  Phphred 21:20 11 Jan 2007

I had a similar problem a few years ago with a PC that my friend had built for me. It started going wrong after a couple of days and I think that everything got changed a couple of times at least, except the monitor. In the end the monitor started to give off smoke. I phoned them in the afternoon and had a brand new one delivered just after nine o'clock the next morning. After that perfection; well nearly!

  Totally-braindead 21:31 11 Jan 2007

I have to agree with GANDALF <|:-)> and lisa02 to have so many failures is unbelievable, there must be something else causing it.
Power surges from a faulty power supply perhaps. I've had 1 hard drive failure in 10 years of having computers, never had a motherboard failure, 1 faulty video card and 1 stick of faulty RAM. And thats in 10 years over 6 or 7 different computers.

  nagonlouse 21:32 11 Jan 2007

I too bought a computer from LIDL about June last year. The model is Targa Ultra AN6411 3500+ and in September the HD started to rattle a bit on start up but quietened after about 10 mins or so. I gave the after sales chap a ring who offered to send me a replacement disk by post if I fit it myself. I declined his offer so he said he would make a repair sheet out and I would hear from their agent in my home town shortly. After about a week I got a phone call to make an appointment for the Engineer to call. Two days later the Engineer arrived and fit a disk and put the OS and all files on the replacement disk.You will notice I did not say a NEW DISK as when he had gone I found that he had put a USED DISK in my machine. So can I SLATE TARGA or the repair agent.

  nagonlouse 22:03 11 Jan 2007

Further to above comments I have nothing bad to say about the Targa Comp. It works fine.

  GeNeRaLsPoOk 22:22 11 Jan 2007

yeah, i had a second hand hdd replacement too, and no, there are no surges, as i have 3 machines running constantly 24/7 over the last 3 years with no problems, like i said, the only reason i bought the targa was the 3 years on site warranty and the fast speed and the fact that the machine had £2400 worth of components for a mere £399.
like i said, never again, and yes, i think now, i have the right to slate the company.

  terryf 23:30 11 Jan 2007

I have a Targa from Lidl and have no complaints. Admittedly, the first one I took from the shop was physically damaged, the second one also had a damaged case but the third one (touch wood) has been working fine since I brought it home

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