TalkTalk unbilled calls creeping up

  Rob_08 15:18 20 Apr 2008

2 moths ago i changed line rental from BT to TalkTalk and signed up for the Talk total evening and weekend package, my account shows its all up and running but the unbilled calls i see is creeping up and up even though i am only using the service at evenings and weekends.
For this new bill month its already £15 and rising daily and i cant see what i am being charged for. The evening and weekend calls in Uk to landline and calls to Canada landline are supposed to be free. I also hang up after 40 minutes and never over run the 70 minutes per call.
I have emailed them but i am getting concerned and dont trust it at all.
Its pretty much making me so paranoid im checking my account every day.
What should i do next ?

  K_elt 15:38 20 Apr 2008

Do you get an itemised bill, either in paper format or online? Start there and see if you recognise the calls. You also need to check who else has access to your 'phone during the day.

  Rob_08 17:19 20 Apr 2008

hi K_elt.
I only get an itemised bill for the last paid month, not the current. There is nobody else who could be making calls. I only use the phone for evening and weekend calls and a VOIP phone the rest of the time with my isp.

  GaT7 17:28 20 Apr 2008

You could always check your usage online. I'm sure they have a facility (like BT), whereby you can log-in & view even a current bill in itemised format. There's usually a delay of 12-24 hours before the most recent call(s) appear. You'll need to register for this service online. G

  GaT7 17:29 20 Apr 2008

Sorry, just noticed you may be doing this already - "im checking my account every day" G

  TonyW2 17:54 20 Apr 2008

0845 calls are chargeable (as well as 0879 and premium calls.). could that be the source?

  Totally-braindead 17:57 20 Apr 2008

I didn't think the calls to Canada were included, I thought that it was only UK calls that were included.

  Rob_08 17:59 20 Apr 2008

Hi Crossbow7
yeah im keeping an eye on it, unfortunately all you see in the TalkTalk account is current unbilled calls, they dont get itemised until they hit you with the bill or just before they take payment out. I did make some 0871 calls early last week which i know would of cost around £4 but the rest is a mystery. whats stranger is each night it goes up a bit more even at weekends when even daytime landline calls are free.
If i have to question my bill each month then its not going to be much fun. And the support from them sucks big time.

  cycoze 17:59 20 Apr 2008

I would have thought that the "unbilled" would mean that is what you would have been charged had you not had the package.

If your worried give them a phone or send an email and ask.

  Rob_08 18:03 20 Apr 2008

Hi Totally-braindead.
Yeah calls to international destinations at evening and weekends are free to.

Included in Talk Total Evening & Weekend1 call plan:

Unlimited evening and weekend calls to:-

UK landline number
55 International destinations worldwide
Calls to mobiles in the USA & Canada are also included at no extra charge
Plus 100 inclusive UK mobile minutes at evenings and weekends 4
Plus, unlimited calls to other TalkTalk customers. 5

  Rob_08 18:05 20 Apr 2008


I have mailed them also ,but wanted feedback to.
On my previous bill, unbilled was charged !!

Thanks to everyone for posting by the way.

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