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  Wobbly Webster 19:28 15 Oct 2007

Over the last month I have been off line more than i have been on and when I contact Talktalk I get fobbed off with a load of rubbish. Last week they kept me on hold for thirty minutes (at 10p a minute) then disconnected. The next day when I phoned I was told I was connected at rate of 7.5 gig a minute which was a complete lie because BT is only putting out 6.5gig and why can't they use people who speak the queen's English instead of people who use pigeon English becuase I for one can't understand them

  interzone55 20:27 15 Oct 2007

They can't use people who speak "the Queen's English" because nobody uses Received Pronunciation.

But the real reason is that because the broadband is provided so cheaply Carphone Warehouse have to make savings elsewhere, which involves siting their call centres in the Indian Sub-Continent. Now if you could speak Gujarati or Hindi as well as they call centre staff can speak English then I would understand your complaint.

As for Talk Talk tech support, did you get a call reference? Call back and persist with the music, give them the call ref and tell the operative that your call hasn't been resolved, they should then pass you back to the UK tech support, who offer a very good and knowledgeable service. This person should also call you back if you express concern over the mounting cost of the call.

  PalaeoBill 23:33 15 Oct 2007

Nice answer alan14, but a little harsh with the criticsm I thought.

It matters not a jot how good Wobbly Webster's Hindi is, the product was bought in the UK. A call was made to a UK number to get support on that product. A call that had to be paid for by the minute. It is not unreasonable to expect the person on the other end of that call to speak Emglish to a level and in a manner that the broad spectrum of UK citizens can understand. Received Pronunciation used to be the method of choice for teaching English to non-natives of the UK, for precisely that reason. I think Wobbly Webster has a valid point and companies like Carphone Warehouse should consider it.

  PalaeoBill 23:35 15 Oct 2007

Emglish! should read English. Sorry that's geordies for you :-)

  Stuartli 23:49 15 Oct 2007

If you are a TalkTalk customer, the help line is free (the one ending in 1820).

  Stuartli 23:53 15 Oct 2007

So what are you complaining about...:-)

  ForestChav 23:47 16 Oct 2007

Skitt's Law - it's pidgin English.

  dunderheid 19:44 17 Oct 2007

I am not clever enough to know what "Received Pronunciation" is but what an English speaking person being able to speak Punjabi or Gujarati has to do with this is beyond me.

As far as I am concerned Wobbly Webster has every right to complain about not getting the technical support or customer service he is seeking. Talk Talk hiring cheap labour to keep the share holders happy has nothing to do with the equation!

I will go along with the original poster and say that when you phone customer service and are diverted abroad to the "sub continent" you cannot make out a word they are saying, and I dare say they are the same with me, but that doesn't resolve the problems!

Apart from anything else, for a telephone company the quality of the phone line is abominable!

  interzone55 20:01 17 Oct 2007

My point, in case you didn't understand it is that companies that do not charge for their services cannot afford to offer tech support hosted in this country.

If you want broadband that comes with UK based support move away from a free service to one that charges a sufficient amount to fund decent support lines.

  interzone55 20:04 17 Oct 2007

Received Pronunciation, sometimes called "The Queen's English" is the dialect that has only ever been used by the BBC and the type of person ridiculed by Keeping Up Appearances.

  Wobbly Webster 20:42 17 Oct 2007

Stuartli you are missing my point I am not complaining about getting 6.5 gig. I am complaining about being told I am connected when I'm not and that I am recieving 7.5 gig when BT is only putting out 6.5 in my district

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