TalkTalk installation?

  Rtus 12:46 13 Dec 2009

Hi folks . Been a while since my last post on the forum.

Could anyone advise whats involved in installing telephone line + Broadband at an exchange.I ask as I recomended my daughter-in law to join TT as Ive been with them since transfer / broadband change over took 12 days from initial order.Ive had no problems with them at all... However my D-I-L has had the new phone line in & functional since 13th Nov but no bb yet. on checking the order they say go live date Jan 2 /12th !! Why so long ?

  the hick 14:42 13 Dec 2009

When your DIL received confirmation of order and the modem in the post, did they give a 'live' date then? They did for my daughter about year ago, it was only about 10 days on from receiving modem, and all went well. Your DIL's wait does seem unusual.

  natdoor 08:56 14 Dec 2009

You mention installing at an exchange. From this I deduce that TT have LLU at the relevant exchange. The transfer of the line from BT's equipment to TT's is done by BT and they will determine the timescale for this.

  Rtus 11:20 14 Dec 2009

The house had a line before my Dil moved in to it (this however wasnt connected & when she ordered the line it took the engineer some time to identify which tails to connect to) & no the exchange is not LLU yet,& additional fees were discussed at the time of signing up. im trying to find out just whats involved- what they actually do to enable BB at an exchange?? & how long it takes ? I cant see it being so complex an operation so why does it take so long?
Thanks for response

  Rtus 21:20 14 Jan 2010

absolute crap customer service communication from TT no modem/router/password details delivered yet .used my surplus wifi one & got it upp and running on the 13th jan after ringing them to get the pw for initial setup ..I still cant see why it takes this amount of time to organise BB activation..13th nov to 13th jan.

  oldbeefer2 09:32 15 Jan 2010

What a lot of people have come to expect from TT. There are some, however, who think the sun shines .....!

  TopCat® 12:30 15 Jan 2010

Have you registered and tried posting the problem on the TT forums? On there are dedicated TT staff from the CEO's office who can often make things happen much quicker than by phone. They operate from Monday to Friday, by the way.

I found them to be invaluable after my initial troubles in moving to TT, but I needed a valid TT email address before I could join the forum. Once I had that my problems soon disappeared. TC. click here

  Rtus 23:54 28 Jan 2010

Thanks Topcat

  howard64 09:48 02 Feb 2010

TopCat® I have both placed messages on the forum and used their contact us section and after several weeks worked out that nobody responds to their contact us section or monitors the forum. My contract has now ended and at some point I will be looking to move.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:54 02 Feb 2010

I was on Tiscali until TT took over. Rather coincidentally the TV streaming (Iplayer, 4OD etc. )went from excellent to dire, even youtube has slowed down considerably from the changeover day. Trying to get a sensible answer out of the disinterested. ill-educated call centre staff is an art in itself, in fact getting someone to answer would be a benefit instead of 'you are 9th in the queue.
When I was with Tiscali there were never any problems and no slow speeds. Dunstone and his crew had better pull their collective fingers out within 30 days or they can shove their contract where a monkey shoves it's nuts./rant over


  oldbeefer2 14:59 02 Feb 2010

Friend of mine decided to quit after experiencing dire service. Asked for a MAC to be told they couldn't give one as she was not with them - took a final threat to go to Ofcom and a MAC appeared in an email within seconds.

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