TalkTalk-A Genuine True Story!

  Alan L 16:04 01 Mar 2008

Over the past weeks,my modem simply cuts out every few minutes and its a nightmare to stay connected.Listening to internet radio is much like the London Underground announcement at Bank station..."Mind The Gap"!Last week,when I had cause to query it a third time,TalkTalk technical department said that the only was they could test the computer/modem/phoneline was for me to take the entire computer system to the telephone point and plug it in there! I said its 15' away,its a tower system,I'm disabled and why can't you test it at is stands? Thats the only way we can test it he said. Rubbish I said and asked to be put through to the cancellation department where, after 21 months,I duly cancelled my contract with them.

A day or so later,I tried their technical support again.This time,I found someone who could help.Within minutes he talked me through the modem settings which,for some reason,had an intermittent fault namely a missing user name and password. Within minutes,I was up and running and still had my intermittent cut outs occurring. I couldn't be bothered to ring back a fourth time and fired off a letter of complaint to Charles Dunston (I think). I'll be glad when my service ends on the 11th March when both my phone and broadband are going to B.T. Thankfully,I live next to the telephone exchange and will get 7mbps speed.

I've had enough of TalkTalk and will be so glad to leave.That way,not only will I hopefully get a better service,I'll at least have the opportunity to speak to BT staff based in the UK and not some old British outpost!I can't wait for the switchover now!

  merciarich 17:51 01 Mar 2008

The tech support people were right in requesting that you use the system from the internet source - namely the phone point. This rules out any problems with the wiring and/or modem in between the phone point and your PC.

As for "firing off a letter"..... I dont see what TalkTalk has done to deserve a slating on this forum. From what you have said, they seem to have done what they can.

As an MCDST, if I took a call from someone who "couldn't be bothered" to arrange using the phone point for the purposes of a test, then I would have had no problems in letting you leave the company.

This country has gone mad. If more people checked their OWN equipment and wiring, then half the posts in this forum would not be necessary.

Rant over.

  tullie 17:59 01 Mar 2008

How do you know the BT person will be in the UK?

  merciarich 18:02 01 Mar 2008

Meh..... they probably wont be

Theres nothing more satisfying than having an Indian call-centre operator reading off of a tech support page on their computer - they dont actually provide the support themselves.

Oh... and when the call is over, they sell your details on :) Go Indian call centres!

  wee eddie 18:22 01 Mar 2008

You have my sympathy. However, I don't think that you will receive better service elsewhere.

It is unfortunate that you are disabled and unable to carry out some of the necessary instructions, and there may be work arounds, but the person on the other end of the phone has a script to work from and will not be an expert in the solution of every conceivable problem that may occur to his Employers Clients, that's you and your ISP.

You may have to bite the bullet and have physical help, on hand, next time you try to solve the problem.

  Stuartli 21:00 01 Mar 2008

If it's genuine, it must be true...:-)

I've been with TalkTalk since a year last April and, after a few initial problems due to the sheer volume of new subscribers signing up, I've been pleased with the service.

What's more the financial savings with the International3 Package are quite staggering.

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