TalkTalk Failure to Supply Free Broadband

  griffon 56 17:54 11 Jul 2007

Knowing that not all telephone exchanges were suitable for TalkTalk's free broadband service I kept checking until 3 Sep 2006, when TalkTalk's website said mine was enabled. I immediately applied for their Talk3 package. It was accepted and I was given a 'go-live' date of 4 Dec 2006.

However, the supplied modem and SW would not work and the TalkTalk website now said that my exchange was not enabled. I had to go back to my previous dial-up contract to remain on-line. I was now paying for both Talk3 and dial-up.

Since then I have been in almost continuous email, phone and letter contact, protesting to TalkTalk, but despite addressing both the Chairman and CEO individually I've never been dealt with by anybody above general Customer Services level.

Promises were made to get BT to check my line but not fulfilled. Promises were made faithfully to contact me with solutions but were not met.

The latest development is that I have been sent a self-congratulatory kind of letter by TalkTalk telling me that the Talk3 service would 'go-live' on 17 Jul 2007, whereas their website only says that there are difficulties with my connection and that it will 'go-live' on 3 Sep 2007.

I've been waiting nearly a year to get connected and no one at TalkTalk has spent any energy or done any work to solve my problem.

If anyone out there has had a similar experience and has solved it short of using Semtex, I'd like to hear from them, please.

  Stuartli 19:31 11 Jul 2007

You have my sympathy with regard to your problems with TT, although I'm very happy with its service on the same package.

One point to note is not to take any notice of the information in the My Account section regarding BB connection etc. It bears little or no relation to what is actually happening or will happen.

  spuds 22:13 11 Jul 2007

Apparently on a uSwitch survey Orange and Talk Talk have been voted the worst UK broadband providers.

  Stuartli 22:17 11 Jul 2007

Makes a change from Tiscali then...:-)

  griffon 56 11:29 12 Jul 2007

Thanks Stuartli, it bodes well for the future then. Actually altho' I'm paying a total of £25.98 per month it gives me 2 hour packages of dial-up (that'll make you all jealous) between the hours of 08.00 and 18.00 daily plus weekends from 00.01 Saturday to 23.59 Sunday, plus line rental plus free calls 24/7 to all 01 and 02 landlines.

There are plenty of people paying more than that for broadband alone and also paying per minute for phone calls. Uswitch's comparison is not fair, it leaves out that with TalkTalk you get line rental and call costs thrown in whereas with all the others they're in addition.

So if you're using Uswitch, add on £11.00 plus your usual monthly call charges to all the other suppliers' figures and see how that changes things. I know that there are concessions, like free calls evenings and weekends when there is a P in the month and a full moon and some include line rental, but you get my drift.

Uswitch doesn't mention this and you've got to remember that comparison websites contain businesses which have paid to be there, I think these are the ones to which you can switch thro' Uswitch's site. The others you have to contact independently, like British Gas, for example.

TalkTalk's customer services performance IS truly abyssmal but I've come across others like it. It's a product of loose consumer legislation and a resistance to conceding anything on the side of the customer, like the continual denial of responsibility for guarantee matters on the part of retailers, when they try to put you off to the manufacturer at the outset of a complaint.

  Stuartli 12:15 12 Jul 2007

You've forgotten about the free AnyTime international calls to 36 countries in the TT package...:-)

Orange appears to offer a similar package but, on examination, the calls are made via the Internet and there appears to be no line rental included.

  spuds 13:06 12 Jul 2007

Just had a phone call from Tiscali about their much improved and far better service and package deals for long time loyal customers.

If I was writing to an agony aunt, I would sign my letter as 'Confused' :O).

  darrenrichie 13:12 12 Jul 2007

griffon 56 you aren't still paying for this talk3 package that you aren't recieving are you??? The orange package i am on offers free 01 and 02 calls after a certain time and at weekends and as Stuartli says it is an internet connection but ut seems to work well. (It is an 0845 number that you get though so better for making calls rather than recieving them.)
There is one thing i have noticed about broadband/phone packages is that no matter which one you choose someone will always say "mines better" so it's personal choice i reckon (and if based on customer service then talk talk should lose your valuable custom).

  Stuartli 13:36 12 Jul 2007

TalkTalk's £21 International3 package provides free AnyTime local, 01 and 02 calls, plus free AnyTime international calls to 36 countries.

On top of that it includes the £11 BT line rental (now cut to £10.50) and "up to 8MB" broadband.

Re TT's Help line. If you use the help line ending in 1820 calls are free (as you are a TT phone line customer).

I'm one of those who say TT's Int3 service is "better", for the simple fact that even though it was introduced in April 2006, no other ISP has come anywhere near matching it to date.

  Stuartli 13:42 12 Jul 2007

Read the full details for yourself:

click here

  darrenrichie 14:30 12 Jul 2007

It does seem like a good package and good value but what i would be concerned about from griffon 56's point of view is the lack of support he has had from them. Do you think that good value should equal bad customer service just because its cheap?

Quote "I've been waiting nearly a year to get connected and no one at TalkTalk has spent any energy or done any work to solve my problem."

I must admit that the package i am on is only because i got it cheap when i said i was thinking of leaving.
As an addition i have used Orange Customer Service and although i wouldn't say it was exceptional it dealt with what i needed. I guess it comes down to individual experience with each provider as i have heard nothing but bad things about Orange.

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