talktalk broadband

  deke 20:04 09 Nov 2004

I know this has only been out since Nov 1, I was wondering if anyone is using it yet??
some feedback would be great.


  steven_frost 20:32 09 Nov 2004

i've not heard anything about them but but for the price i'm moving over to them as i can get the 1mb service for the same price as the 512 i get from bt

  TomJerry 22:33 09 Nov 2004

should be ok then

  deke 23:04 09 Nov 2004

I am supposed to be activated tomorrow ,I will report back if i get online.

Fingers crossed


  deke 10:35 10 Nov 2004

letter arrived first thing this morning,Modem and activation pack due to arrive on thurs by city link.
I must admit that so far i am impressed with the customer service.

  deke 11:55 11 Nov 2004

modem arrived this morning,15 minutes to set it up and why hey I am whizzing around,modem is a [email protected] 800E2t if that means anything to anyone, service from talktalk has been great i even get free calls at eve and weekends plus totally free calls to any other talktalk phone for 180 minutes all for 19.99 a month

Fingers crossed it all stays this way

  georgemac 23:53 11 Nov 2004

I have their phone service, looks very good, once my year is up with wanadoo will seriously consider switchin bb also

  deke 01:16 12 Nov 2004

I am pleased with the speed compared with dial up, and its great not having to worry about a download limit

  deke 09:35 12 Nov 2004

Broadband still whizzing along ,emails are all working,The wife and kids were on internet for hours last night everything seems great .

I will close this thread now

Thank you talktalk.


  georgemac 08:42 17 Nov 2004

Have been looking into it a bit further as I advise friends who to go with

Talk Talk service is apparently ipstream which is much better than the datastream service provided by Tesco - trawling the forums the datastream service is much more likely to be affected by contention than ipstream products

so instead of tesco I will be recommending talk talk

  Roy* 09:33 17 Nov 2004

I'm sure it's in there somewhere but can you just let me know where to look up talk talk broadband? Is there a web site? Do you need to switch to their land line phones service? Or is it just a mobile that you have to take?

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