WSR 18:22 21 Feb 2007

Has anybody had any very recent experience of their service? They seem to have the best current offer.

  Zero G 18:26 21 Feb 2007

Another thread on the subject click here

  oldbeefer2 09:31 22 Feb 2007

One or two are happy with their service, but most comments are very negative - poor speeds, frequent disconnects and the most appalling customer service you can imagine!

  Boy Zone 12:37 22 Feb 2007

I've been with talk talk for some months, and had very good service, which was very different when I was with BT.

  al7478 15:18 22 Feb 2007

I've found the servicw appalling, as its simply impossible to get through on the phone generally. But i have rarely needed to contact them, and they are definitely the best for me price wise.

few connection probelems - email goes down for a couple days every now and then, and occassionally at these times internet speed and connection suffers more, but as i say it happens rarely and doesnt last long.

  shellship 15:52 22 Feb 2007

Strangely enough I was talking to someone in our village yesterday who is a computer novice and is now on TT BB. Got it quickly with no problems. What it is to be a newbie!

  Ecky-Thump 15:52 22 Feb 2007

I have been with them for Phone usage since Onetel was taken over by them, nothing much changed except I had yet another offer of FREE BROADBAND through the post this week, on checking the website I find its still not available in our area, so all is not what it seems, in these cases they charge pretty well the same as any other Broadband supplier.

Cannot comment on other aspects of the service, sorry ...


  terryf 15:55 22 Feb 2007

Watch them if you want to download films, etc because they throttle, that's why I left them early to go to Eclipse.

  palinka 18:30 22 Feb 2007

Before switching to them look here click here
In terms of cost there are several other ISPs offering similar service for similar price, and rememeber there's no such thing as a free lunch.
My experience would certainly not incline me to rcommend them. And their webmail is "powered by" AOL.

  gell 15:09 27 Feb 2007

Palinka, you say several other BB providers offer a similar deal as Talk Talk.I cannot get the Talk Talk deal as thy are not in my exchange and I have surfed around but cannot find a similar deal.
Incidentally, both my daughters are on Talk Talk and very satisfied

  al7478 16:05 27 Feb 2007

Sorry, i should also have mentioned that if you get their talk 3 international plan and phone line rental with them too, that gives you their best broadband offer.

you pay 20.99 per month, free calls to other TT customers for 3 hours per call, and 70 mins per call to people not with TT. these charges apply all day every day, they are not just for evenings and weekends. monthly i tend to go no higher than 25£, and thats for bb and phone.

As i said above, support via phone is awful more often than not imho, but at these prices with 8 mg bb, i dont care, frankly, as the problems are always short lived.

im sure your opinion will depend on your current phone/net expenditure and how vital your connection and good customer services is to you tho.

good luck.

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