Talk Talk VAT reduction credit offer

  TopCat® 00:23 09 Jan 2009

Dropping in to
click here I found details of the Talk Talk registration offer of a credit payment for the 2.5% VAT reduction. This will be credited this April but may not appear on billing until May 2009.

Qualifying TT customers - see their T&Cs on the registration webpage - can only register online and the offer closes at the end of this month.

I must remember to check my TT account more frequently in future. ;o) TC.

  six-h 00:43 09 Jan 2009

I signed up for a further 18 months on their T3 package in October 07
But I'm confused!
Just checked my bill for November and the one for December, and find that the rate of VAT is correct on both, ie. Nov @ 17.5% and Dec @ 15%
Am I in line for more discount?? :-)
or does this only apply to later packages?

  six-h 01:06 09 Jan 2009

What the hell.... claim submitted, can't be worse off can we! :-)

  Stuartli 13:47 09 Jan 2009

>>This will be credited this April but may not appear on billing until May 2009.>>

TalkTalk takes payments in arrears i.e. you pay for the previous month's use.

If you are getting 2.5 per cent reduction, then you are doing well - the actual figure is 2.13 per cent as any retail outlet will be aware...:-)

My TT bills, including that for last month, don't state an actual VAT rate, only the amount of VAT involved.

  TopCat® 15:21 09 Jan 2009

The credit offer T&Cs, for clarity. TC.

"You may only register for TalkTalk's April credit offer if your account with TalkTalk for the applicable telephone line was active on a plan with line rental and/or a monthly subscription before 1st December 2008 or if you had signed up for that plan on the relevant line prior to 1st December 2008.

Registration for the April Credit is subject to status and acceptance. You may only register for the credit online and may only apply for one credit per line.
To receive the credit you must complete all the required details on the online registration form and submit it to TalkTalk via the website registration process before midnight on 31 January 2009, when this offer will expire.

This is a goodwill offer from TalkTalk and as such the amount of any credit available to you under this offer is subject to TalkTalk's sole discretion. However, any credit offered to you is likely to be equal to or more than such amount as is equal to 2.5% of the VAT applied as part of your monthly line rental & tariff plan's subscription charges prior to 1 December 2008, with the total credit calculated over a period of up to 13 months from 1 December 2008.

If you submit an eligible registration form, the credit will be applied to your account during April 2009. However, the credit may only show on your bill at your next billing date, which may be in May 2009. For the credit to be applied to your account it must be active on 1 April 2009 and you must have complied with all your payment obligations to TalkTalk at that date.

TalkTalk may withdraw acceptance of any further registrations for this credit offer at its discretion at any time without prior notice. Confirmation of any such withdrawal will be posted on the TalkTalk website.
Any credit applied to your account under this offer is not transferable to any other TalkTalk account and cannot be redeemed in relation to any other offer or service.

If the April Credit is applied to your account and you subsequently cease or transfer your use of the TalkTalk service on your line then you will not get a cash equivalent as a refund. Any unused part of the April Credit at that date that may have been applied to your account will also expire automatically upon cessation/ transfer of your service.
TalkTalk reserves the right to substitute at any time any part or all of the April Credit that may be applied to your account for another credit or offer of equivalent or greater value.
These terms & conditions are effective as at 5th January 2009."

  six-h 18:05 10 Jan 2009

Stuartli; I'm surprised that your bill doesn't show the VAT rate, mine does, and I'm on a similar package to you, just without the international calls included.

The VAT, and the rate at which it is charged are shown in the "Your service charges" section directly beneath the "Bill Total (Inc. VAT)" item.

What confuses me is that they should make this offer, when they have already reduced their VAT charge to 15% from the December 2008 bills!
Does this mean we'll be getting "double bubble"?

  Stuartli 21:48 10 Jan 2009

>>I'm on a similar package to you, just without the international calls included.>>

Then you are not on a similar package to me...:-)

My bills state that "VAT is included where applicable" and the total VAT amount is listed; it's £3.02 for last month.

This is directly below the bill total for the preceding month; there is no mention of Your Service Charges.

  ray7 22:24 10 Jan 2009

Agreed. I'm on the same package and the Account only shows the monetary amount.

  Spark6 23:48 10 Jan 2009

But I'm on the same package as you and my 'VAT at 15%' is £3.05. Should I complain, or incur less charges? ;-)

  Stuartli 11:16 11 Jan 2009

The words "..where applicable" are the key - the figure includes VAT on phone calls for which I incur a charge i.e. such as for 0871 or 0844 prefix numbers.

  Stuartli 11:19 11 Jan 2009

By the way, the temporary VAT reduction the Government has so generously donated to the nation out of the goodness of its heart is worth 2.13 per cent, not 2.5 per cent.

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