Talk Talk - The Truth

  jamescrocket 20:39 24 Jul 2006

Seems that not everyone is sold on the great Talk Talk Broadband offer!
Guy Kewney (yes the guy that should have been on the BBC that time!) writes in the current copy of IT Weekly that the "Offer of free broadband for life is all talk talk" And that the ASA are now going to investigate the whole "free" offer, that we all know is not that free.

Interesting times ahead for Charles Dunstone then?

  Forum Editor 21:07 24 Jul 2006

that anyone ever seriously thought that they were going to get anything free, for life.

It took me about a millisecond to realise that there can surely be no such thing as free broadband for life, without some financial string being attached, and I'm surprised that so many people seemed to believe otherwise.

  jamescrocket 21:21 24 Jul 2006

Well FE when some people see the word "Free" they really do think they are getting it for free!

Just shows that when they realise it is not, they complain and with this offer in their thousands!

  kinger 21:27 24 Jul 2006

I think that it's OK to call it FREE! when you're already using the product, like with Sky Broadband, just launched.

If you're a current subscriber then you'll get the Sky broadband for free.

But, if you're NOT a subscriber, you'll have to pay to install Sky and use it in order to get it, so it's not free then, if you see what I mean.

  ade.h 21:36 24 Jul 2006

I can appreciate that you'd have to be late down from the trees to miss the catch in that, but it doesn't excuse the loos usage of the word "free".

"Join Talk Talk and get broadband at no extra charge" would be sufficiently enticing without being at risk of misleading anyone, even the gullible.

  Input Overload 21:51 24 Jul 2006

I have stuck with Zen at £25 a month because a reliable connection is important to me, I can't see me moving on.

  oresome 22:00 24 Jul 2006

From what I can now recall of the offer, it was very good and would save most people a fair amount of money.

Whether they have the means to cope with the large order book their offer generated is another matter.

  kinger 22:04 24 Jul 2006

Changing just one word in an advertising headline can make the difference between a huge response rate and nothing at all.

The magic word in this case is 'FREE'.

It attracts the reader to read more than just the headline where the paying advertiser may get yet another conversion.

  ade.h 22:13 24 Jul 2006

I agree, Kinger, but it comes back to justification again. If the use of the f-word is not acceptable in a particular advert campaign according to prevailing guidelines - and we'll have to wait and see about that in this case - then a more moderate phrase must be used. Any reduction in sales to those who have never heard the expression "no such thing as a free lunch" must be taken on the chin. After all, it's the same rule for everyone, so if the ASA does find something to complain about, Talk Talk's rivals will presumably need to change the tone of their adverts.

  €dstowe 22:17 24 Jul 2006

I'm sticking with BT. They may not be the cheapest but they are the best as far as I'm concerned. After all, BT own the infrastructure for, by far, the majority of the telecommunications network in the UK. All other wired telecomms services rely on this BT network in order to be able to operate and they (BT) are thus in the unique position of knowing if it works, how it works and everything else about it.

BT continue to have a large take up of their broadband Internet services indicating to me, at least, that they have something to offer that the others don't.

I have been with BT now for a good number of years and I have no complaints - not a record that can be afforded to other ISPs from what I read on these pages.

  kinger 22:32 24 Jul 2006

I'm tempted by the Sky Broadband offer as I'm paying BT over £30 for my broadband alone.

However, I've been with BT broadband ever since it began and never had one day's downtime.

If I change to Sky Broadband, would they be as efficient? I wonder.

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