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  allclear 01:23 26 Dec 2006

I am in two minds whether its worth switching with Talk Talk? but am a bit reluctant as they have had such a bad press lately. Has anybody switched with them and how did you find their service?


  terryf 02:12 26 Dec 2006

I switched away from them because of their horrible service, throttling downloads and generally bad customer service, try Eclipse, smaller and (for me) more customer centred.

  howard64 12:35 26 Dec 2006

I applied in July to switch and the phone line went over very quickly with activation of Broadband scheduled for end of August. Problem getting in mac from Bulldog and was disconnected from Bulldog 3rd. October got online with tt on 16th. November [ only slight case of spitting blood] customer service was non existent - they never replied to e-mails or even to their own contact us page on their site. Since being connected there has been no problems at all [so far]. The advantage to me is that for the same cost as I was already paying for my phone line and calls I now have broadband saving me £24 per month. For a pensioner that is a very significant saving. If you need to transfer from another isp dont hold your breath waiting but a friend without previous bb was connected in about 10 days from applying.

  fijiwi 15:23 26 Dec 2006

I am a Talk Talk customer and would not recommend them. They are sneaky and change their prices all the time as they make you take their phone service too. In effect, the BB is not free.

My suggestion is go with Sky who do an awesome deal. £5 gives you unlimited UK calls including international up to 1 hour plus free BB. Cant go wrong.


  allclear 15:31 26 Dec 2006


Sky sounds appealing but when you say
International calls free up to 1 hour? which countries? anywhere or selected european and English speaking countries?


  The Brigadier 16:05 26 Dec 2006

Well for a company that has appeared on BBC Watchdog & got in to trouble with the ASA for misleading consumers Carphone Warehouse still are not getting it right. More complaints about their service are being made than anyother ISP according to Trading Standards & Consumer Direct figures to be published in the New Year.

Some in the City say this could cost Charles Dunstone his role within the company!

  Stuartli 21:12 26 Dec 2006

After one or two initial small problems my TalkTalk service has been exemplary.

Using the TalkTalk3 International package means free broadband, free AnyTime UK calls and free international calls to 28 countries including the States, Canada, Australia and Europe. Cost? Just £9.99 a month (to which is added the £11 BT line rental which TT pays on your behalf).

I very much doubt whether Charles Dunstone is in any danger of losing his position. Thanks to him, TalkTalk has turned the communications world upside down and the rest are still struggling to catch up.

The company is a vastly larger organisation than it was at the beginning of this year and its long term future, as it overcomes initial teething problems from the unexpected success of its free broadband offer, looks pretty rosy.

But of course many Brits suffer from the problem of hating to see anyone or anything being successful - they seem to prefer being the sporting losers.

  namtas 21:37 26 Dec 2006

Whilst I do not have Talk Talk BB at this time, I do have Talk Talk Telephone, I have found the service first class, especially the Talk Talk 3 International package as Stuartli says exemplary, best value going for me.

  DerekR 22:14 26 Dec 2006

My cousin jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire - AOL to talk Talk....

He's having one hell of a time getting rid of them to get a decent ISP.

No way on earth would he recommend Talk Talk to anyone.

  allclear 22:48 26 Dec 2006


How do u mean ur cousin is having problems in getting rid of talk talk? Surely can he not terminate his contract or is he tied in for 1 yr?

  Stuartli 23:56 26 Dec 2006

TalkTalk (Carphone Warehouse) is now the owner of AOL...:-)

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