Is Talk Talk getting any better

  tonyjon 15:45 11 Jun 2006


I signed up for the 'free' broadband offer on 11th April

26th May received my 'welcome' letter telling me that my landline and calls package went live on 18th May, expected broadband go ;ive date just 'May'

After daily telephone calls to them I finally got to speak to someone who told me that I needed to send them a Mac Key, the one I sent on 12th April had expired, he agreed that perhaps I was not psychic and that I would be getting a letter advising me of the requirement, however, Mac Key given them on 9th June, no letter received yet.

To date the only communications I have received from them are the confirmation email accepting my order on 12th April and the 'Welcome Pack', has anyone actually received communications or as I suspect not, due to the fact that the extended wait on 5 different telephone numbers has not yet abated.

  folder4mags 16:15 11 Jun 2006

I'm a Talk,Talk(TT) phone customer and will be staying with my current ISP. TT are having major problems getting people on to this as the supply & demand has meant they have run out of modems & can not get people on to the system quicker enough. Current go live date as of today is August or September.

Other companies are dropping their prices & offering better deals, so the good thing from this will be better deals for more people.

Last Monday i had 2 TT sales staff knock on my door at home asking if i wanted to sign up to the offer, when i explained i was already a phone customer and did their records not show this, they said they were just going to knock on every door in the area, as they had not been given any info of who was a customer already. Does this show that may be things are not working!

  tonyjon 16:33 11 Jun 2006

The major point teeing me off at present is that, as my previous phone and ISP was/Is Onetel, seemingly taken over by Talk Talk, I am now being billed for Talk Talk 3 International by Talk Talk, I am informed that Talk Talk took the Line Rental on 16th May, my Onetel account still shows a forward payment to 16th June, I am still paying Onetel 19.99 per month for 2 Meg Broadband and no-one at Talk Talk can understand why I am steaming at the prospect of this continuing until the end of July.

I wonder if they are still going to charge the 'sign up fee' for transferring me to themselves.

Just to calm myself somewhat, I have long (free)talks to my sister in Spain regularly! my wife chats with a friend in Australia. I know about Skype but the quality is not the same is it.

  Forum Editor 16:49 11 Jun 2006

the quality is not the same is it"

It is for me - I regularly talk to clients in Sydney, and the call quality is every bit as good as on a 'normal' phone.

  folder4mags 17:37 11 Jun 2006

I would like to know more about Skype but dont want to hijack my own thread so will start a new thread;-)

  Stuartli 19:35 11 Jun 2006

One.Tel's payments are in arrears.

  tonyjon 19:56 11 Jun 2006

The Account clearly states Line rental 15th May to 16th June, - it aint July yet!

Obviously calls are charged in arrear but all other aspects of your agreed service are charged monthly in advance, I have been a customer for over two years and have received exemplary service and help from them, I am beginning to wonder what effect Talk Talk takeover will have on their well trained staff! Talk Talk performance with me to date bodes ill!

  tonyjon 10:02 12 Jun 2006

Doesn't anyone have anything good to say!

  DrScott 12:24 12 Jun 2006

that's a good thing no?!

  terryf 22:41 12 Jun 2006

Aren't I glad I moved away from Talltalk (not a mistake spelling!), it was a pain to do so with the help of trading standards but reading about the present capers and delays amkes me glad, they pursued me for phantom bills raised after I had transferred to my present provider (Eclipse) even though they had given me a MAC

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