Talk Talk Broadband - poor download speeds

  cynote 17:35 10 Mar 2006

Over the past couple of days I have found various threads relating to the poor service provided by TalklTalk broadband. As a recent subscriber I must admit that I am having great difficulty in persuading there technical services that my download speeds are not meeting the required services. I have recently subscibed to the 2Mbps service and quickly found that I was unable to achieve an internet download connection better than 1100Kbps. I tried to communicate with their customer support, but they will only respond to the 0900 access at 50p per minute and even then the response I had seemed incapable of coming up with any solution. I have also notice earlier today on the Helpline that someone else was experiencing exactly the same problem and that on other threads there was mention of "Throttling back" so I have decided to raise this as a seperate thread.

  terryf 05:22 13 Mar 2006

Try talking to your local Trading Standards if you find any substantive promises in the documentation but I suspect the crafty so-and-so's have put weasel words like 'up to 2Mbps'. The way I was helped was because the docs said 'unlimited' and then they throttled so TS wrote to them and I got released from contract 3 months early. Now with Eclipse, monthly contract, sizzling speeds and no throttling

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:36 13 Mar 2006

2mbps refers to the maximum capable and not the actual download speeds. If you read the T&C carefully you will find that download speeds are not guaranteed and they are therefore providing you with the 'required service'. You can take your business elsewhere but I'm sure the contract has a 12 month period that has to be kept to. There has been much discussion about Talk talk over the last few months and most seems to be negative.


  cynote 12:49 13 Mar 2006

terrf: I noticed your comments some time ago and that was what tipped me off in the first place, my only regret is that it was after I had signed-up. I have only to-day posted a complaint to their CEO at Carphonewarehouse and will await the outcome, although I'n not over optimistic as I've only just signed-up, but I will refer it to the TS and see where that goes.
gandalf: I will check the T & C and I'm almost certain that what you say will be quite correct, but I have to have a go at them if only for my own piece of mind.
If nothing else this might dissuade anyone else from signing-up with them and the forum will have serve an invaluable service to the community. I will leave the thread open until my inquiries have been resolved one way or the other.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:01 13 Mar 2006

by all means communicate your dissatisfaction but I'm fairly sure that their T&C will have an exclusion for guaranteed speeds either up or down.


  dmc727 16:34 13 Mar 2006


I’ve always looked at broadband speed like car speed. Your car might be designed to travel at 175mph with everything blowing from behind but you never achieve it because of prevailing conditions.

However, I’m interested here because I’m with Onetel who have just been taken over by TalkTalk.

I have 2.2Mbps broadband and just done a check:click here

Result download = 1.07Mbps.
Result upload = 222Kbps.

I would be interested to see how others fair here just to see how services compare.

  terryf 16:43 13 Mar 2006

An email from me to their ceo went down like a lead balloon over the sea, I suspect that he has a secretary who says 'Oh dear not another one' as he/she files it in the little green filing cabinet beneath the desk. Instead of wasting money on telephone calls try emails to customer services but my experience was that they took days to respond. Would it be possible to get a newspaper reporter interested or try Consumer direct at click here to see if they can give you any advice. I can understand your frustration, been there, got the t-shirt, now on Eclipse, monthly contract, sizzling speeds but don't want to rub salt in your open wounds

  dmc727 16:48 13 Mar 2006


What are your sizzling speeds?

  terryf 17:20 13 Mar 2006

Well I am on 1mb and I may have been led astray by my experiences with talktalk but I went up to 180k download when using a certain program and downloading certain files, downloading update file and stuff like that seems much much faster. Of course doing speed tests gets results as expected, says I am on 1mb. At the end of the day download speeds are a combination of whatever speed package you have bought and the server or service that is sending the data

  cynote 18:04 13 Mar 2006

dmc727 looks like you have just joined the gang my average with talktalk is 1020Kbps. I was previously with Wanadoo and achieved average 1820Kbps. Tried my machine on my daughters AOL connection to-day and achieved 1860Kbps, so something is not quite right. I have also had a good browse of their T & C and although they quote the same as everyone else on the big adds Up to 40, there is nothing in the small print that indicates falling standards apart from restriction at peak time for the bandwidth grabbers downloading films etc.
I also has had a friend try Tiscali 1Mbps on Saturday and he achieved 860Kbps. I will follow you other thread terryf thanks.

  cynote 18:47 13 Mar 2006

thanks everyone for their contribution but I think we can put this one to bed, but before I do I hope we can all remember to warn others of this peril. You never know maybe some good will come out of it in the end.

in future WalkWalk not Talktalk!!!!!

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