Tale of woe regarding phone contract

  Why wont it work 15:38 02 Oct 2009

I think that I have just endure amongst the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I won't name the mobile company, because I don't think it will achieve anything in doing so- but I felt the need to vent, as it were!

Firstly, I have a phone contract that runs out on 10th October. My phone started to go wrong, at Easter, and fair enough it's been fixed and replaced promptly each time- but by the time I got to the 9th Sept I'd had enough of the silly thing. It became clear that it was the particular phone model that was troublesome, so on the advice of some shop staff I decided to 'upgrade' my phone and contract (to a much reduced rate that was on special offer).

Next day delivery was supposedly guaranteed, but this never happened. Days past, so I contacted the company and they said it would be shipped soon. This went on for three weeks. Eventually, after sending an email of complaint on the 30th I was told the phone I had chosen was out of stock and that it would not be restocked! Why had it taken so long for them to tell me?! (Would they have ever told me if I hadn't complained?)

I was informed I should call the e-commerce dept. and cancel my upgrade the next day (today), which I did. Only to be told that it had already been cancelled for me. (So I wasted more money ringing them for no reason).

I was told to ring the sales team to get a new upgrade (fortunately the same offer I origially signed up for was still available). They insisted that my upgrade had not been cancelled so I couldn't reorder. Unfortunately it was a dodgy connection and I was cut off, so I rang again- only to be told the same thing. I was eventually put on hold for 30mins (having to listen to 'here comes the sun' and 'things can only get better' over and over),passed over to the incorrect dept, who passed me back to sales who me passed me to the very e-commerce team (after another long wait) that I had spoken to that morning. Only to be told that my upgrade had indeed been cancelled.

I was told I have to wait 5 days before I can reorder because it takes that long for the system to update(!). Unfortunately the offer that I had originally signed up for will end before those 5 days are up. I was told that it is very unlikely that the offer will be extended and that I will not be eligble for it due to this. Furthermore, I was told that I cannot cancel my contract as you have to give 30 days to give notice which has now passed- through no fault of my own! Presumably meaning that I'll have to continue with my current expensive contract which I don't want.

I fully intend to stand my ground however, they can either cancel my contract, or give me the reduced rate that I orignally upgraded to! So far as I am concerned I should not be penalised for their inability to go for 3 weeks without telling me I couldn't have my new phone because it wasn't in stock! Although they don't seem to see it that way. I think that their complaints dept will be receiving a strong letter of complaint shortly- or am I just expecting too much?

  anthonystorey 19:30 02 Oct 2009

i think you will come out on top (eventually) but if it was me i would be going elsewhere unless they gave me a stupidly good offer
anyway good luck and i hope its sorted soon


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