taken for a ride ?

  brettwier 20:09 06 Nov 2005

i,ve decided to opt for a dell 9150 for about 850 notes with pentium D and 2.8 ghz speed. I don't play games but need it to run my small business and do whatever else it does, so why is it when you finalise your choice and options you feel inferior because you have the smaller monitor, slowest motherboard and feel like there's something else you should ask for but don't know what,but feel like EVERYONE else does and when you place your order there gonna hang up the phone and laugh because you forgot to order the thing that probably doesn,t exist. Do i feel like the only person being taken for a ride when purchasing a computer ?

  bremner 20:13 06 Nov 2005

If this is your choice click here it is an excellent machine with a pretty high specification - I do not see how you can feel you have been taken for a ride.

  PaulB2005 07:24 07 Nov 2005

It's just "Buyers Remorse".

People often feel that way after paying out large amounts of money - typically for a house.

i did ask all the questions?

is it big enough?

etc etc

Once you have actually got the goods though the feeling often goes away quickly. I put an order in for £1100 of kit to build this PC 6 months ago. I placed the order at midnight because it was taking me so long to decide. That night i didn't sleep.

Should i have spent that money?

Did i get the right Motherboard? Should i have got the other one i looked at?

Have i ordered all the bits?

etc etc

Of course once I'd built the PC i love it.

Don't worry. It's a common feeling.

  Belatucadrus 14:09 07 Nov 2005

Buyers remorse is usually followed by Progress ache, as wherever you buy the PC from a month down the line, they will be selling a higher spec machine at a lower price.

  Jamesy 20:08 07 Nov 2005


please give us your comments on that computer when you receive it!! i dont see any comments on these new dells in here, and with the runup to xmas im sure a lot of us will be interested in a new dell dual-core :)

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