Take care when using Plusnet

  Housten 15:50 22 Apr 2013

Good Afternoon, Gentlemen,

I am sorry this is so long, but I have tried to keep it as short as possible.

I have had some problems getting our fibre broadband installation sorted after it was installed. This happened on 22nd February and up to this week I thought I was dealing with a decent and reliable company, Plusnet who are part of BT. I do not think so any more and I would like to warn everyone about their attitude to customers. I am hoping that the FE thinks this is reasonable, considering the amount of time and effort my wife and I have had to put in to satisfy their demands and their ineffectiveness. I have tried – probably not entirely – to keep the statements as neutral as possible and can back them all up. I wish everyone who has joined, is joining or is contemplating joining them, to read this and be warned. I accept that we may well have run up against the ‘wrong’ members of staff but we have had more than 6 or so involved in this saga, so I do not believe that and think the attitude shown to us is their normal one given to customers. We have had a couple who expressed sympathy with what has happened to us, but that is as far as it went.

So as far as I can see Plusnet consider that their customers have a responsibility. That is to pay what they determine is the full price at all times, no matter what! Plusnet consider they have a responsibility to their customers - and that is to supply them with a service whenever they can, if they can. If the service fails - FOR WHATEVER REASON - that is the customer's responsibility!! I know that is not exactly what they have said to us but that seems to be their attitude. When the engineer installing our broadband told us of a fault on the line that had probably limited us to less than 1 MB when we had been told we should get 2.5 to 3 MB we expected it to be repaired in a couple of weeks at the most; it took a day short of six weeks for the appointment to be made, we were informed in two emails of a £50 fine if we were not in – although the original engineer said we didn’t have to be – and then the engineer did not turn up! Why? Nobody can tell us who, when or why but the appointment was cancelled and my wife and I were not informed. No question about us being able to charge £50 waiting in all morning for the non-appearance of an engineer, of course. On top of that we had half speed broadband for more than 6 weeks, we had no broadband for almost one week, we were 'misinformed' as to their intentions on several occasions and we were told we would be called back and we were not, and, of course it goes without saying, that all of this is our fault!!! As I have signed/agreed to an 18 month contract we are, therefore, forced to stay with them until well into next year, but not beyond. If I knew a way of breaking the contract I would, but I feel that that would be just too expensive for pensioners like us.

So, please take this as a warning and double check everything if you are going to use this company.

  HondaMan 17:42 22 Apr 2013

I have been with PlusNet for more than 7 years and have nothing but praise for them. Their technical support has been brilliant, when needed which is not very often, and staff have always been polite and courteous on the phone. I did have download speed issues when my fibre connection was first made, but all was sorted out and I am now very happily connected at 69.35Mb/s!

  The Kestrel 17:49 22 Apr 2013

From what you say, Plusnet have not provided you with an acceptable broadband service and secondly failed, in a reasonable amount of time, to repair the fault pointed out by the installation engineer. I would think you have a strong case for cancelling your contract and expecting a refund of the payments made so far.

For the best advice and support, I recommend you telephone, or better still, go personally to your local CAB (Citizen's Advice Bureau) who will tell you where you stand and what can be done to sort out this problem.

  spuds 19:28 22 Apr 2013

If you have a complaint against Plusnet, then you can go to their ISP Association to register a complaint http://www.ispa.org.uk

You could also try your local Trading Standards or CAB for advice. I was once advised by Trading Standards that 'not fit for purpose' might be a let-out for any contract with an ISP.

  onthelimit1 20:08 22 Apr 2013

I can't believe that a fibre optic service could be as low as 2.5Gb?

  alanrwood 09:07 23 Apr 2013

I wish it were 2.5Gb. I would swap my connection for that any time. I think the OP said 2.5Mb. I would absolutly agree with you that a fibre connection at 2.5Mb is verging on the unbelievable and so obviously "not fit for purpose".

  onthelimit1 10:19 23 Apr 2013

Thanks alanwood - slip of the finger! I've just had an email from BT saying that the new FTTP which I shall be able to get in August will be 300mbps! Roll on.

  alanrwood 10:45 23 Apr 2013

You certaily will be "onthelimit". I would be happy with 5% of that.

  Housten 15:26 23 Apr 2013

onthelimit1, Good Afternoon,

Obviously I explained things badly. When we switched to PlusNet, some 21 months ago we had 'ordinary' NOT fibre broadband, and that was when we were told we should get 2 to 3 MB download, but actually only got about 900 KB. I complained several times, but was told that the distance from the exchange was most likely to blame for the speed reduction- some 5.4 KM!

So my wife and I talked about fibre broadband and what swung it for me was that during the Christmas period they were offering 'half-price' fibre broadband. Being thick and stupid I believed what I saw and arranged to have the broadband modem and router installed on Friday 22nd of February. It was only when the first bill came in and I found we had been charged full price, that I started to get disillusioned. I was told that the 'half-price' only applied to new, not existing, customers and the details were given in the 'legal bit'. So it was my stupid fault! I was aware that I could complain - not necessarily who to though - but we are fed up with plusnet and can't be bothered with all the hassle. My wife is very, very unfond of making a fuss and whilst I don't always agree with her, on this particular occasion I am so fed up and hissed off with them that - reluctantly - I do. This time next year I shall start looking for a new fibre broadband ISP, and it will be their loss, which is really the only way that you can show companies that behave in the manner that they have done is by taking your custom elsewhere. Which is what we will be doing and informing them of the fact, but will they care? I sincerely doubt it!!! Meanwhile we should get reasonable speeds for the rest of the contract, he said hopefully. I know this is what they are depending on, but they won't get anything like as much as they would have done if they had been 'fair and reasonable', though they will say they have been. It is just our opinion that they have not.

I will stop here as my wife says I will start to rant and rave if I am not careful! So many thanks to everyone who replied for taking the time and trouble so to do. Thank you all.

  Woolwell 20:16 24 Apr 2013

From what you have stated I don't think that you can have a fibre connection. Is fibre available in your area?

  onthelimit1 20:38 24 Apr 2013

Housten - I feel for you. I'm actually quite lucky in that I'm in a very rural part of Shropshire, 6Km from the exchange, but I get 5-6Megs from my (small) UK ISP. Neighbours with BT, TT etc get 2-3. Perhaps I should stick with my ISP when Fibre becomes available (but much more expensive than the likes of Plusnet).

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