Tablet for my computer iliterate retired parents in law

  milkboy 21:11 07 Feb 2013

Hi everybody,

My parents in law are based in Greece with a daughter in America and one in the UK. We have been trying to convince them for years to get a computer but they have always resisted (in the case of the father vehemently so) as they never learned how to us one. Now with tablets I figured the learning curve would be much simpler.

I don't have a tablet myself so have difficulties advising them.

Below are the things that are absolutely required (in order of importance):

1) Skype so they can chat with the grandchildren. The number one reason we want them to get something.

2) Camera on the screen side (for skype)

3) 10 inch (or close to it) screen. They are retired so a small tablet will just not be good enough. Screen resolution is not important as small icons will be of no use to them.

4) WiFi enabled (3G etc. is not required as they wont have any need for it)

5) Internet access (seems silly to mention it, but I thought I would list everything).

6) Email capable. I assume I can just set them up with a Gmail account.

7) Price. Anybody who knows the current situation in Greece will understand that price is currently a major concern. I think a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 at £269 is an easier sell than an Ipdad at £400.

Other things we would like:

  • Flash enabled. Not sure if Ipads can handle flash now. I can see the mother getting quite web savy after some use. So it would be nice she does not come across broken websites all the time just because flash does not work.

  • USB port. We have been trying to convince them of the benefits of a digital camera for years (they still use film; yes I know!), so a USB port would make that easier. Other photo memory disk formats would also be acceptable, but would obviously narrow down the options. Additionally the USB port would enable them to print things.

  • Some word processing app. Again I can see the see the mother starting to use the tablet to write letters.

Some additional information:

  • HD memory is not a big problem as, with the exception of photos, I can't see them needing much. So I think 16gb would be enough.

  • I visit them about once or twice a year, so I can deal with updates.

Quality and easy of use are essential. I dont' know what operating system (apple, google, windows) would be best, as long as it works easily without them having to do much (i.e. I can deal with it when I visit them).

Like I said, price is a big issue.

Any advice on what tablet I could recommend to them (bought here in the uk) would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you to you all.

Take care.

  SillBill 23:15 07 Feb 2013

You'd probably be better trying to convince them to use a laptop, it'll have everything you want plus a bigger screen.

  chub_tor 10:02 08 Feb 2013

SillBill makes a good point but I have a laptop and a tablet and there is no doubt that the tablet is much simpler to use. I have the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Note and my wife has my original 10.1 which she also now prefers to using a laptop. Why? almost instant boot up, simple tap to operate icons for email, internet, Skype and word processing. CloudPrint works with a suitable printer (or printer attached to a PC provided that Chrome is installed). Flash can be enabled.

The Samsung Galaxy range all come with the option of adding a plug in adapter for USB memory sticks or a different adapter for SD cards. Some models can have extra memory added via a micro SD card.

I can't speak for the Apple range but like your parents I was constrained by price and didn't see the advantage.

A laptop with Windows 8 though might still be a good buy, the OS is simple to use with all its apps right on the front page, it boots up quickly and the keyboard is included. Add Skype and one of the free Office packages and you will also have a good system.

  milkboy 10:51 08 Feb 2013

Thank you to both of you. I hadn't really considered Windows 8, which while I would probably hate, would actually suit them well. I will go to a shop and will have a play around with it.

I will also have a look at the Samsung adapter range. Did not know about that.


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