System struggling to keep display updated!

  theDarkness 21:00 17 Nov 2010

On the old desktop, adaware warned of two viruses :-
c:\documents and settings\all users\start menu\programs\administrative tools\microsoft .net framework 1.1 wizards.lnk

I set them both to quarantine, despite Avira telling me that there was no such thing in the same location. Now, the system is having trouble in updating the screen:- click here

I have done a full antivirus scan, and nothing has been found. This is the only thing I have done recently, no new installations or software updates (aside from windows update adding framework for xp). Was adaware giving me a false positive, and how likely is it that these problems could be related? Could a virus be infecting these framework files/folders? I have tried reinstalling my gfx drivers, and it makes no difference. The system is also slow in safe mode, that its hard to tell if the update issue is still present, although I starting to think its probably only present in standard mode?

  birdface 21:11 17 Nov 2010

Take them back out of quarantine again and see if your computer works any better.
They may have been false positives.
Then download update and run the free version of Malwarebytes.

  BRYNIT 21:39 17 Nov 2010

Have you tried system restore to a date before the problem.

The picture you have shown could be from several problems.

Corrupt files
faulty hard drive
not enough space on hard drive
faulty ram
too many programs running

and the list goes on.

If butemans suggestion or system restore does not help a little more inforamtion on your system may help us help you.

  theDarkness 22:05 17 Nov 2010

just realised I posted this in the wrong section ;( :)

I have avira, spywareblaster, adaware and malwarebytes on here already, using comodo firewall. I updated everything and rescanned, nothing showed up, with adaware, the original two restored "infected" files are now showing as ok, but now

is the one thats showing up as needing quarantine/deletion!

Im not sure how removing one previous infected link and config file from framework could cause issues with the display, but Ill try removing the nvidia gfx card and/or restoring as a last resort. Im sure I had a similar problem before, could well be down to the nvidia drivers, although I dont think I ever solved the problem. I know I can unable "show folder contents while dragging" in windows, but thats more of a temporary solution.

  GaT7 22:17 17 Nov 2010

"just realised I posted this in the wrong section ;( :)"

Click on the 'Contact Forum Editor' link (just above your initial post) & request for it to be moved it to the Helproom. G

  theDarkness 22:23 17 Nov 2010

ps If I restore migpolein.exe and rescan with adaware... guess what? the file is now safe! im guessing if I do another scan of the same framework folder, some completely different files will probably show up as being "infected" with completely different viruses.

perhaps there is a virus that can "infect" or jump from one file to another in this manner, for whatever purpose, but if anyone has the latest adaware, can they try scanning their own framework folders to see if adaware gives out similar warnings?

All my other protection software gives out no such warnings with the same directory or files. If my system is clean, and since its seemingly only adaware with these messages, I might be replacing it with something else very soon. perhaps the newest adaware is buggy or has problems of its own?

  theDarkness 13:59 18 Nov 2010

update-I found out from googling up some forums that the redraw issue was actually a problem with IE and/or SP3 on my old system click here
click here

Removing IE8 and reverting back to what XP comes installed with (IE6?) solved the problem, no redraw issues. Unfortunately, to uninstall IE, I had to uninstall SP3, then reinstall it! The usual awkward ms design there.. As a test, I tried IE7 too with SP3-there IS a redraw issue when comparing it to not having SP3 with IE8 there too, but its barely noticable.

The above links either link the issue to being netframework being used with IE8, or IE being used with SP3, or SP3 being used with an outdated nvidia card driver, or another combo. I uninstalled my own desktop nvidia card (nvidia 5500) to use the motherboard gfx initially, and the redraw issue was still present after a restart, so I dont think it was the card. Ill blame it on SP3, IE or Netframework, but Im not sure if I want to keep uninstalling SP3 to test! thanks

I think the virus issue was just the latest adaware playing up, giving me random virus names on random framework files, when all my other programs told me the system was clear. I dont think it was linked to any of the above, as I got a message back from adaware today on the forum - "Thanks for your report. These files were detected within the Win32.P2PWorm.Bacteraloh family. They are false positives and have been removed from detection. Please update Ad-Aware to get the latest fix."

:) thankfullly

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