System Restore a waste of space or what?

  thms 12:00 13 May 2003

Once again i have been let down by system restore. You would have thought i should have known better by now.
Why should i have to switch it off and on again to get it to do anything?
I do make regular back ups to another hard drive which is just as well. But it makes you wonder why it is there in the first place. There have been numerous threads on here about problems with this prog.
I would use Go Back as this works well but it slows down my computer.(running xp home)
If certain prog's interfere with it then why has this not been made clear by microsoft?
Or maybe i am missing out on something.
Well enough of the ranting and get back to fixing things the hard way.

  -pops- 12:10 13 May 2003

No it isn't as far as I'm concerned. It works and it works well. I have no complaint about it at all.

System restore has got me out of the proverbial a number of times and never let me down.

I do have full system backups, of course, but System restore easily repairs those slips and quirks, that you wish you hadn't done, with little fuss or bother.


  thms 12:23 13 May 2003


Well i'm glad it works ok for you.
I wish mine worked the same,it must depend what kind of setup or software that is installed that causes the problem.
I have reformatted my hard drive and i still have problems with it. As in it works sometimes and other times not. Usually not when you really want it to.

  leo49 12:44 13 May 2003

System Restore is one of those 'if only'components - if only it were guaranteed to work.In minor situations where it doesn't really matter it may well work fine,but when it comes to the crunch it goes AWOL.

Nevertheless the faith shown in it is really quite touching - almost every question causes some bright spark to chip in 'Have you tried a system restore?'and in case after case the reply is 'Yes,but it didn't work'.

The Forum archives are full of queries re non-functioning system restore as are the MS knowledge paper libraries.

Until it achieves 100% reliability,it's a pointless waste of resources and will remain disabled on all my OS's.Far better to rely on the guaranteed performance of Drive Image, than to cross your fingers and hope while clicking the System Restore button.

  -pops- 13:52 13 May 2003

I do rely on Drive Image in extremis but as I said above for those little slip ups and quirks, System Restore has always worked for me. I don't have to cross my fingers quite as tightly as I might without a full system backup behind me.

I had so many problems with Go Back incompatibilities and then destroying my whole system, I would never go back to it (whether there is a pun there or not, I don't know).

As you do have full backups, you may find it just as easy to restore your system from that rather than relying on the unreliable.

  Morpheus© 14:35 13 May 2003

strange is it not? some would not touch Go-back with a barge pole, yet for me, it does what it says on the tin..i have disabled XP's system restore and put in go-back. so whatever pigs ear i make of it, go-back will get me out of the :-)

i have it on the win98PC and the XP laptop, never let me down yet....

  adviseclive 14:40 13 May 2003

At first i found system restore unreliable, But found if keep only the last one done by using windows disc clean up, it works really well. Relies on good house keeping and regular restore points.

  terminus 14:41 13 May 2003

for the first time last week: I had managed to delete all my email, and internet access.
(boring details) I went back a couple of days, and it worked perfectly.

I'm with you pops


  Pumas 16:08 13 May 2003

It's got me out of a few sticky situations. As far as I'm concerned it's quite useful.

  thms 16:17 13 May 2003

I think everyone will agree that to rely on any restore system would be foolish.

All important information should be backed up using a reliable method.

I'm not knocking system restore, if you find it useful then use it. As for me i have never found it reliable and would rather back up to another disc.

As has been previously stated it's all about good housekeeping.

I still find it disconcerting that there are so many posts about it not working. Which leads me to believe it depends on what software you have installed and how you use your computer.

  spuds 18:49 13 May 2003

I tried to use System Restore on a WME based computer last week. Didn't do the job at all, in fact I found out that it had 'dumped'my previous restore point. According to further information that I received,via Microsoft Help and Support, this can happen if the Hard Drive is running to low capacity.I didn;t know that, till I ran into trouble.

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