mullet 00:14 28 Mar 2005

Hi all.

I'm pretty new this forum, so please excuse any failings in my netiquette.

Any suggestions on buying anti-spyware? I'm prepared to spend and avoid any second rate freebies.


  LastChip 00:28 28 Mar 2005

There is nothing second rate about Spybot Search and Destroy click here and Ad-Aware SE Personal click here supplement those with SpywareBlaster click here and SpywareGuard click here from the same authors and you wont go far wrong.

If you really want to save yourself a lot of spy ware related problems, ditch Internet Explorer and use Firefox click here

All this will not cost you a penny unless you are feeling generous towards the authors!

  mullet 00:32 28 Mar 2005

Thanks for that.

My Norton Antivirus/Firewall is up for resubscription next month. Shall I pursue this or go for another?

  LastChip 00:44 28 Mar 2005

Zone Alarm click here for Firewall protection and AVG anti-virus click here

For the firewall, you will have to make sure you get rid of Norton properly and sometimes that's easier said than done!

  freaky 10:33 28 Mar 2005

I will repeat what I have previously posted on this topic again.

If I were you I would keep Norton Internet Security, but if it is an old version, then rather than renewing your subscription purchase the lates version.

If you download the freeby Firewalls (Zone Alarm) and say AVG (Anitvirus) then they do not necessarily interact with each other.

As I say keep Norton but in addition download Spybot-Search-and Destroy and Ad-Aware, these are free and cover areas that are not covered by NAV.

  LastChip 12:49 28 Mar 2005

I have installed these programs on multipule systems and never had a problem. Many of the contributors at PCA use this combination with no problems, so I wouldn't worry about interaction.

I will also repeat, there are no problems with these programs, BUT, you have to make sure Norton is out of your system, and Norton integrates itself so deeply into Windows, it can be a job to bannish!

I am afraid to say, Norton isn't all its cracked up to be either. It misses far too many common problems for comfort. The only reason it is so widely used, is because it comes pre-loaded with many systems just like Windows, therefore it's a widely known product. It is by no means best in its class!

  freaky 15:29 28 Mar 2005

I have been using various versions of Norton AV since I commenced using the internet, during that period I have never (touch wood) been infected by a virus. However many virus's have been detected by Norton and eliminated!

It is a matter of personal choice of what you use, but I shall continue to use Norton as it has never let me down yet!

  shizzy 22:53 28 Mar 2005

We used Norton. fully updated and got a virus as have many people. Now use AVG and Kerio firewall. Both free.

  mullet 01:24 29 Mar 2005

My thanks to lastchip for the adaware, spybot and spy blaster. Did a check and they found 162 trojans, spywares etc. Fortunately, Norton Firewall had prohibited access to the internet for all............phew. And now they are DEAD :-)Most of these creatures originated from lyric download sites my girlfriend now they are banned.

Still undecided on the AV and Firewall though. If it were not for the Norton embedding itself, I think I would ditch it ... but this could be easier said than done :-(

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