SWOOPO! I've just been SWOOPOED

  SWOOPO!!!! 05:55 20 Jan 2009


This IS a SCAM on an unbelievable scale. Avoid at ALL costs. I have just been done for £470 yes!! £470 and no I am not stupid (or so I thought, until I stumbled onto swoopo.co.uk). I stayed up for 72 hours STRAIGHT, monitored it and thought I had it sussed and bid with caution, still got feck all. SWOOPO is not fun, entertaining, enjoyable etc. but it is highly addictive and extremely dangerous. I EVENTUALLY cut my losses and walked away, I would have done much earlier but I had already purchased the 'bids'.

Anybody out there who does not believe it is a scam, put your money where your mouth is. Go to swoopo, pick one item, (I went for a £1200 laptop (actually retails @ £700) Hindsight is a great thing, anyway, start your bidding when you think it has reached the average price that it usually sells for (check this in the 'ended auctions' tab), once you have started bidding only bid in the last seconds and keep on doing this (be prepared to do a LONG shift, I did) and keep on bidding only ever in the last seconds, and you will see that there is a 'bid butler' that will follow your pattern (you will notice them), my bid butler 'buddie'(storm46) started bidding @ £30ish and stayed with me til the end, I started bidding @ £60+ (as this seemed to be approx. what they would usually sell at) and I used my bids extremely sparingly and stayed @ the PC for all that time, which I did not think was physically possible, and never, I repeat never missed one opportunity to bid @ 3 secs. anyway, the laptop eventually reached £202 or should I say £8080 (the only one I had ever seen at this money). This is when I decided I was going to accept the loss (very hard to do), and recouping any money was impossible, and I was knackered beyond belief, I even left 47 bids in the account and shut it down. I had had more than I could take.

I can hear everybody reading this saying "what a *&%£*&" idiot", moron what ever you want to call me, but this is what SWOOPO does to you. It sucks you in, bleeds you dry and spits you out and they couldn't give a feck.

I did not start on SWOOPO to be left feeling the way I was left feeling,i.e stupid, embarrassed, gullible, retarded, etc. etc.

Believe it or not I am not a gambling man, I have never gambled and I don't even like gambling (its a MUGS game). I didn't realise that this is what I had been doing until it was too late. I was 'IN'.

As I said earlier hindsight is a great thing. But now, now it is very clear exactly what SWOOPO is. I don't gamble anyway so I will never fall for this again.

I 100% accept responsibility for my actions and stupidity, and believe me there is no fun in getting involved with SWOOPO it will only leave you feeling pretty low and stupid Oh! and seriously out of pocket.

The people I feel so sorry for are the people who innocently get involved with SWOOPO and end up getting screwed to the wall, by this I mean the young single mum trying to purchase what she thinks is a good deal on lets say, a Wii for her kids Xmas, and ends up spending a few hundred £,$ or whatever currency before realising its a con and cuts her losses. She is left feeling like s*&%, a few hundred £ out of pocket and now has to find the money to then go and buy the Wii that exists from a retailer. She is then left feeling terribly guilty and extremely low and not to mention skint. Where is the 'fun' in her wrapping this up for her kids Xmas, then when the kid opens it and is ecstatic, the mother still feels terribly guilty and stupid. This is the dark side of SWOOPO and they couldn't give a feck.

Anyway, I will stop now as I could rant forever.

I hope reading this can help convince at least one person not to get involved with SWOOPO.

I lost 3 days of my life bidding on that laptop, I was left feeling extremely stupid, gullable etc. and was £470 out of pocket, not to mention extremely tired and angry. If you would like to feel like this please visit SWOOPO and have 'FUN' if you would like to keep your money and your dignity STAY WELL CLEAR.

Comments welcome, but not from any slimey SWOOPO scum, sorry staff.
Oh! I would just like to add this comment,I don't have an issue being honest about my stupidity, It would be nice to think that previous SWOOPO 'victims' on these posts were just as honest and stopped bull*[email protected]:ting that they only lost £10 or so. You wouldn't have searched out one of these forums and compained if you had only lost £10 - £20.

  gazzaho 06:37 20 Jan 2009

To be honest I never use these type of sites or TV channels for that matter, my reasoning is if they're making money doing it then someone has to be loosing it and I'd rather it not be me! Bloody hell you say you lost £470! You could have just went out and bought a laptop in a store for that!

I'm not saying you're stupid and I'm smart, that would be insulting and childish and to be honest, I've lost a lot in the past gambling before I realised the only winner is the bookmaker! The saying "if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is" has worked well for me in the past, and will in the future. It's always seemed to me that trying to save money in this type of venture usually ends up costing more, and it seems you've proven my suspicions correct.

You've been bitten and I'm truly sorry for that, but consider the loss money well spent as you're unlikely to fall into the same trap again.

  SWOOPO!!!! 13:28 21 Jan 2009

I would trust that 'wolf' before I trusted SWOOPO. They know it isn't going to last, they are just making as much money as humanely possible before D-Day comes.

I forgot to mention that I checked later and the laptop eventually 'sold' app.30 mins after I had stopped, and guess who was the winning bidder, YES! it was 'storm46' and it was via the bid-butler that it had been using from the beginning (long before I started bidding).

Storm had bid almost 3800 times (I think I would have stopped using the bid-butler a bit earlier if I were 'him') which equated to over £1,500 + £232 + P&P = app. £1,750. I mean WTF, really WTF, nobody is that stupid (or are they?). The laptops 'value' was £1,199. Later checks revealed the laptops 'true' RRP was £700 @ PC world, finding this out made me feel beyond stupid.

I have been an e-bayer for 8 years now and never had a problem, well, one guy took the money and never delivered but I got my money back via PayPal, other than that never had a problem and I am not out of pocket by a couple of hundred £ when I don't 'win' an auction. E-Bay may have its flaws (mostly due to unscrupulous users than e-bay) but it is the closest you are going to get to being a fully legitimate auction. STICK WITH E_BAY.You won't stick with SWOOPO for 8 days never mind 8 years.

  tullie 15:40 21 Jan 2009

Sites like this survive on gullible people i suppose

  ronalddonald 15:54 21 Jan 2009

i hope you learned from your experience moisor swoopo!!! now get on with your life and accept how things are thanks for letting us know. Some people say they do gambling for pleasure some say they need the money and the end of the day whos the fool whos the loser and who benefits. They are loads of people who have been addicted and they lose every time and there many types of additcion. I am sorry you lost, next time dont play

  ronalddonald 15:56 21 Jan 2009

ive been duped by a company called Amway, now i call it scamway.

  Forum Editor 18:15 21 Jan 2009


There was me thinking it traded on plain old human greed - people who think that they can get something for almost nothing in this world.

Frankly I have absolutely no sympathy for you - you were the architect of your own misfortune, and in view of the fact that you've repeatedly broken our forum rule about bad language I'm going to lock your thread.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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