Switching energy suppliers

  tillybaby 12:41 20 Feb 2008

Just a bit of information really,

Someone phoned me this morning and asked how much I was paying for gas and electricity on a monthly basis so I explained that I pay £80 for each one, they did the search thing for me, found a much cheaper supplier that will save me over £350 per year, obviously I'm going with this option, I could have done it myself but thought that the saving would only be minimal and was under the impression 'They're all the same'

This has taught me a valuable lesson and in future I will do more research myself,

The reason for this post is basically to say that if anyone else was in the same frame of mind as me then maybe it would be worth using one of the search companies and see what it comes up with.

  pj123 13:21 20 Feb 2008

I'm not sure I would give information out to "someone phoned me".

I have switched energy suppliers a couple of times but I have always used USwitch.

click here

  David4637 13:31 20 Feb 2008

Don't forget quite a few of the suppliers have not yet increased their charges, therefore a few months down the road your £350 saving may not be so great, thats why research is essential before you decide to "move". David

  lofty29 13:33 20 Feb 2008

Be very wary about doing this sort of thing over the phone, a lot of people have come unstuck, as watchdog has reported. As pj123 said use something like uswitch yourself, It has been advised that anyone thinking of switching should wait a little while as all the companies are putting up charges,so you could be jumping from the frying pan into the fire

  anskyber 15:17 20 Feb 2008

I use click here and I changed just recently to a fixed price option which was available at the rates before any recent increases.

  oresome 15:49 20 Feb 2008

The regulator noted recently that there was only a few pounds difference in price for an annual bill between the major players in the energy market despite the fact they all had a different business models and cost base.

The problem with comparison sites is that they have come to the attention of the major players who now often control them.

  gibfish26 16:02 20 Feb 2008

i have switched a couple of times over the last few years,dont let the £350.00 saving cloud your judgement,in my experience you should not go off your monthly payments but have a close look at what they are charging per unit,i made this mistake and when i switched i was paying more.do a bit of research first.good luck.gibfish26.

  spuds 18:26 20 Feb 2008

Over the past month with all the energy suppliers notifying the public about raising prices. There as been warnings from the likes of trading standards of the increase of telephone cold callers who are suggesting energy saving better deals. Some of the telephone information provided, can perhaps be a little misleading. One particular tele-sales company as sacked some of their staff recently, for 'inappropriate practises'.Best to be cautious of cold callers perhaps!.

  tillybaby 08:21 21 Feb 2008

Thank you all for your replies and warnings too. Forunately I didn't give any details out about my bank account etc. The firm is called - Switch4u.com and I thought the amount that she said I'd save was excessive too, I also told her that I had been hanging back about changing energy suppliers as I was waiting until everyone had hiked up their prices, her reply was that even if this new supplier put up theirs by £100 I would still be saving. I should have known really though that no way would there be such a massive difference between suppliers, fortunately I have a cooling off period BUT I have to put it in writing that I want to do this.

  lofty29 09:30 21 Feb 2008

Make sure you get that in otherwise you coud have problems, as has been noted by people like watchdog, as others have said these cold callers are on a commision basis and are only interested in their bunce. It was interesting to see on the bbc news this morning, an expert was saying that recently the competition has virtually dried up and there is only about £13 a year difference on avaerage when everthing is taken into account. Fair enough companies have to make a profit, but we are being ripped off by so many of the suppliers now, I know this is a bit of a rant, but in so many area's competition has virtually dissapeared, ie, fuel, energy, water. The suppiers and the wholesalers are hand in glove ie BG and Centrica and we have no protection at all.

  Stuartli 15:45 21 Feb 2008

You should have read:

click here

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