Switching Broadband Supplier from Pipex

  richardcockbain 10:18 07 Feb 2007

I have had enough of Pipex. After months of promising to upgrade my service to 8mb, when they finally did so the service was no better than before. Their Technical team could not find a sensible reason so, to cut a long story short, we both agreed to revert back to the original 1mb contract.

All seemed pretty much back to normal until Pipex insisted I was now contracted until October. This was the last straw and I am now arguing they cannot force me to stay when they failed to deliver their side of the contract. Oh, the joys of dealing with Pipex know no bounds.

Once I leave, where do I go?

My usage is probably above average with the family playing games, downloading etc so I am looking for an "unlimited" service.

Be have had some good reviews and are coming to unbundle my local BT exchange next month. I can get a theoretical 24mb for the same price that I am paying now and the usage limit should be fine for my needs. It looks promising but I would welcome your views and any alternative recommendations.


  Totally-braindead 12:54 07 Feb 2007

Tiscali advertise their service as unlimited and its them I'm with. But in common with most BB suppliers their definition of unlimited is reasonable useage. If you download huge amounts then you will get a warning from them, if you ignore the warning and continue you will get cut off.
I am happy with my connection but because of their pathetic customer service I would not recommend them.
I cannot suggest anyone in particular for your new provider but would suggest you don't consider Tiscali for the reasons I have stated and I'm only on the lowely 2 mb connection it does me fine I don't need more but I don't know what their faster speeds are like.

  Kate B 14:41 07 Feb 2007

I had a long chat with the broadband guru at moneysupermarket.com last week for a feature I was writing and he reckoned that Be and madasafish were good choices for fast unlimited broadband. I might well swop to one of those from Pipex myself in April.

  Aargh 15:05 07 Feb 2007

I think there is no such thing as a totally painless ISP relationship. It all depends on what your expectations are - although there is no excuse for shoddy customer service.

Over the years I have changed ISP a number of times. I can say that Freeserve were totally painless to deal with, but sometimes there were server issues. They became Wanadoo then Orange, and I have to say I have no experience of their customer service problems reported on this forum, other than they were simple to deal with.

A few months ago I consolidated my phone/broadband package and joined Pipex (my phones had previously been with Homecall prior to Pipex buying them).

I have to say that the takeover from Homecall to Pipex was trouble free, and then the switch from Orange to Pipex went without a hitch.

Being relatively competent with computers means I had no set up issues to trouble them with.

I guess that a lot depends on where you live and how much pressure you exchange is under. It also depends on how competent you are and how much you will rely on technical/customer support.

I hear bad things about Tiscali, Orange, BT, Sky and Pipex etc so it is really Hobsons choice.

  surfmonkey #:@}© 15:10 07 Feb 2007

as said above tiscali is ok just be aware that if you do use multiplayer gaming online alot between 4.00pm and 11.pm monday to sunday you will get the fair usage email from them.

"If you download huge amounts then you will get a warning from them, if you ignore the warning and continue you will get cut off." they dont normally cut you of they
If you do not reduce your usage during these peak times we
will manage your usage. This means that you will share
bandwidth with other heavy users during peak times instead of
sharing bandwidth with normal users. Your service will continue
to be unlimited, but by sharing bandwidth with other heavy users
you are likely to experience slower speeds during peak times.
as i play lots of these games on line between these times and have incured these penalties gaming does suffer. ouch

  oldbeefer2 15:11 07 Feb 2007

this may give you a clue. click here My daughter was with TalkTalk (2.53), now with Vispa (4.4)- much happier.

  richardcockbain 20:14 07 Feb 2007

Some really good advice, particularly Kate B and Oldbeefer2. Thanks everyone will keep an eye on Be and hope they unbundle my BT exchange as planned next month.

I appreciate that unlimited is subject to fair use, which rather begs the question how can they advertise it as being "unlimited"?

  anchor 10:40 08 Feb 2007

Kate B: who is Be?; could you mean BT?.

The old ic24 service is now Madasafish. It changed last August.

  Kate B 11:51 08 Feb 2007

thanks for linking to that, ßeta. It's about to be taken over by O2, I believe, which I guess means it will be offering mobile/broadband packages.

  MichelleC 12:02 08 Feb 2007

This guide may help you choose click here

  Kate B 13:47 08 Feb 2007

Google is your friend click here

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