Si_L 11:11 25 Nov 2008

I used Swapz for the first time and put my ageing laptop up there, and searched out some sat-navs. I found a good one, offered the guy my laptop, and we made the swap formal.

So I sent my laptop through first class with proof of postage (recorded would have been way more) and a week later, the guy is telling me he still hasn't received it. I started to doubt this, and so set up another account under a different email address, and found the laptop in his listings to swap! I offered him cash and asked him something about the laptop (to see if he had it or not) and he does have it. When I email him asking if he has it with my original email address, he says it hasn't come.

Whats my best course of action? I just want my laptop now, but simply asking for it isn't going to work as he will just take the listing down.

  curofone 13:44 25 Nov 2008

Well you have his address as you sent it to him so if your 100% sure this is your machine and you can prove that why do you not just call the police? he has stolen your laptop

  Si_L 13:55 25 Nov 2008

I would, but I don't think I have enough evidence. I have proof of postage to his address and an email telling me (who he thought was someone else) about the battery on it, despite me never stating anything about the battery. He is still denying it and trying to twist things, hes making out that I never sent it to him.

  curofone 14:05 25 Nov 2008

Well if it came to it the police could prove it was yours as i assume that you formatted the machine before you sent it but unless you did a format with a tool that actually writes/deteletes/rewrites to the hard drive quite a few times chances are there is still some of your data on the machine that can link it back to you, but chances are he would admit it before it ever went that far

Do you have things like orginal proof of prurchase that might be able to link back to you, is there anything that you know about that machine that you wouldnt unless it was yours.

If it was me then i would be calling the police straight away before he has a chance to to swap it on

  Si_L 14:16 25 Nov 2008

I only had it for a couple of months and barely used it, it was second hand too, but I got it from my best mate, and she would have all her stuff on it. Doubt she would still have the receipt though.

I cleaned the machine out by deleting all my personal files and uninstalling programs and running CCleaner before I sent it to him.

  curofone 14:22 25 Nov 2008

Well if that is all that you did to clean up that machine then everything that you deleted should easily be able to be retrieved so there should be something linking it back to you unless they have cleaned it up more himself.

I would still ring royal mail as they should have proof that it was delivered (depending on how you sent it) and ring the police the worst outcome is no worse than the situation you are in now.

  I am Spartacus 14:26 25 Nov 2008

Have you tried contacting Swapz? Have you a note of the serial number and the Windows Product Key? I would also take screenshots of the laptop displayed on his account just in case he removes it although Swapz should have the details even if he does.

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