SVCD quality film on DVD

  siliconbits 19:05 14 Sep 2005

What's the maximum number of minutes that is available on a DVD if image quality is reduced to a lower resolution. Bear in mind that DVD is the format. What tool can be used?

  daveeb 19:53 14 Sep 2005

I dont think you can change the resolution for a compliant dvd but you can alter the bitrate up to 8 hours worth (at least you can with a stand alone recorder).

  siliconbits 20:51 14 Sep 2005

I am somewhat puzzled. What is the relationship between bitrate and resolution? Diminishing bitrate would probably affect quality of the image but would it necessarily be the resolution or is sound concerned as well

  [email protected] 23:32 14 Sep 2005

Having never done any of this myself, I am certainly no expert in this topic. However you may or may not find the following program, DVD Shrink, useful - click here

  [email protected] 23:33 14 Sep 2005

that link didn't work. Try this one click here

  Jdoki 09:25 19 Sep 2005

I'm not sure about this one, as DVD generally encodes to either PAL or NTSC in the tools I've used, which both have a fixed resolution. So the usual way of getting more footage on a disc is to lower the bitrate.

DVD Shrink will allow you to pull the data from a DVD and increase the compression of the footage.

Also Nero Express has an option for reducing the quality and therefore saving space.

As a side note I've recently started compressing my DVD collection to mp4 so I can fit it on my PSP. A 2 hour film compresses down to between 500MB and 700MB, so by that logic, if you reduce to the resolution of the PSP screen (can't remember how big that is), you could get about 14 hours on a single layer DVD!!! :)

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