Super Budget PCs

  Pesala 20:00 09 Jun 2003

What is your definition of Budget, and Super Budget. To me £699 + VAT is about the top limit for a Budget class PC these days. After all, one can get plenty of power at that price.

Students on a Budget would probably look for something considerably cheaper.

By SuperBudget, I would understand "What is the cheapest PC you can supply us with that has the basic specs to run Windows?"

Maybe 1Ghz cpu, 128 Mbyte RAM, 40 Mbyte HD, DVD or CD-RW, Monitor, OS and Free Software bundle (Open Office or similar). £499 including VAT should be well within the bounds of possibility.

Well, if you are building your own PC, I would say £700-800 is 'Power PC' while about £500 would be 'Budget/Superbudget PC'.

  pj123 23:30 09 Jun 2003

I can do you an Athlon 2400+ with sound, modem, CD Rewriter, 80gb hard disk, 512mb DDR ram, keyboard, speakers, mouse, and 17" monitor for £594. Check out click here

  Pesala 23:58 09 Jun 2003

And VAT, and delivery, and Operating System, and Works Suite or something similar to get started with.

PCAdvisor's Superbudget PCs at £699 + VAT come to about £850 all in. I am not in the market for a new PC for a year of two yet, but this price bracket is not Superbudget in my view. Nowadays, one can buy a half-decent PC for £499 + VAT, which would be about £615 all in.

I may be out-of-date with my sense of price, but I suppose that most students would find this much quite enough to pay. I think that PCA should adjust its goal posts to match the declining price of PCs, but not if it means that what are now considered essential features like DVD or CD-RW or both have to be omitted.

I wouldn't consider self-build as an option for most people. The costs are NOT lower if you take into account the time and risks involved with self-build. It is more a question of customising for the hobbyist or Games fanatic who cannot easily find the specification he wants off the shelf. The average PC buyer doesn't really know what much about what specs are best anyway.

  pj123 14:42 10 Jun 2003

VAT is included, Delivery is £15 (free if you live in the Norwich area). We can throw a mouse mat in. It comes with Supreme Office Suite.

No Operating System, but if you already have a Licence with a Key Number we can put that on for you. Windows 98SE Licence only is £45 or Licence and CD for £70. Check out the website for more info at: click here

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