Suggestions for a new 500gb hdd.

  Abe of M 15:04 25 Jan 2015

I recently broke my laptop hard drive and seeing as I never came close to using the full capacity I'm looking to downgrade to a 500gb hdd drive. Ive struggled to find good updated suggestions or comparisons so any of your own or directions to some that you know of would be appreciated. (It has to be a 2.5" SATA) Thanks:)

  wee eddie 15:20 25 Jan 2015

Competition in the Market has made 1TB Drives comparable in price to 500GBB Drives, in some cases cheaper, because the demand for 500Gb Drives has dropped considerably.

I don't think that you will be saving yourself much by downgrading to a smaller drive.

  mole1944 17:10 25 Jan 2015

If its any help i use a number of 2.5/3.5 Western Digital drives as as a couple of Hitachi's plus my laptop has a Crucial SSD. Never had any problems with any of them,i can't vouch for the rest of the others but with Western Digital you can get a cut down version of Acronis to clone your drive,i.e. clone to another 2.5 drive and a swap takes 5 minutes compared with a reinstall that takes ages (shudders).

  Abe of M 18:06 25 Jan 2015

Thanks mole, will definitely consider a western digital drive as my replacement.

(for wee eddie) Thanks but Im aware of the similarities in pricing. Im really looking for suggestions of, or places to look for, good 500gb drives.

  Abe of M 19:55 26 Jan 2015

Despite booting my computer several times with the hard drive installed and after taking out and putting it back in both this computer and others for testing, my hard drive seems to have magically started working. Thanks edd and mole for your help.

  Abe of M 20:06 26 Jan 2015

If anyone is checking this thread in the future I found a 500gb hard drive for about a tenner cheaper than a 1tb counterpart at £31 ( click here ). Although I can only vouch for the websites quality of products, and not the hard drive, as I have never owned one. If your struggling to find a hard drive and don't really know where to start, Amazon or dabs which I linked above are really nice places for browsing what's on offer. Amazon also has a lot of customer reviews for it's products to check the quality. However watch out for some sellers who advertise new products which are in fact refurbished and of varying quality. I've seen some really cheap hard drives on Amazon that have some bad reviews from people who were sent used and poor quality hard drives. They are really easy too spot however and I wouldn't be too worried.

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