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  BJN 17:21 04 Jul 2007

I used to subscribe to the CD edition of PC Advisor and did so for many years. I'm now thinking of taking out a subscription again but can only find a link via this web site to the DVD version.

I've done some searching around the net and found a magazine subscription site that will let me subscribe to a CD version which is a cheaper option.

The main reason of this post is has anyone at PC advisor thought of offering the magazine without a DVD or CD. I for one am not interested in the free software as I'm only interested in reading a good quality PC magazine at a slightly cheaper price if it's minus any form of disc inclusive deal.


  Totally-braindead 17:26 04 Jul 2007

Its been discussed many, many times.

  spuds 19:11 04 Jul 2007

Have you tried direct contact with the subscription department, they may have the answer ;o)

  pj123 19:47 04 Jul 2007

The CD edition is only £23.97 for 12 issues delivered direct to your door. £2 per month for a Quality Mag can't be bad.

I subscribe to the DVD issue which is £39.99 for 12 issues. I never use anything from the coverdisks either but it is still pretty good value. The DVD issue would cost me £60 a year if I bought it from the shop.

  tom_d 10:32 05 Jul 2007

Thanks for your subscription promotion pj123! Not only do you make a significant saving on the newsstand price, but you also get the issue ahead of it being available in the shops, and have it delivered free to your door.

I hope this helps you, BJN, in your decision making process, and should you wish to speak with me re the various options, feel free to email me, or alternatively call our subscriptions hotline on 01795 438 867.

Kind regards

Subscriptions Manager

  [email protected] 16:53 05 Jul 2007

I recieved a phone call a couple of weeks ago,with a special introductory offer is that promo still available?
BJN sorry for butting in on your thread,but it may be of interest to you too

  Polygonal lass 13:00 06 Jul 2007

We have no "Newsstands" in our area of England, will the humble Paper Shop suffice?

  tom_d 16:38 06 Jul 2007

Hi Polygonal Lass

If you ask your local shop to order in PC Advisor, they are certainly able to request it on your behalf.

Better still I would recommend subscribing - click here - as it means that you will have it delivered free to your door at a cheaper price.

Best wishes

Subscriptions Manager

  pj123 17:34 06 Jul 2007

Tom, get your SOH working. You have missed the point. There are no Newsstands anymore.

They used to be around a long time ago where a van would drive past at around 30mph and chuck out a load of newspapers. Someone would then start shouting:

"Star, News or Standard, get your paper here"

  acfc 07:38 07 Jul 2007

For the past few months I have stopped buying PCA as only the DVD version is available. As I never bother with the software £5 is too much for a magazine.

Looking at the subscription costs I may now go down that route.

Can't say the free gifts are much of an enticement though!

  BJN 17:56 08 Jul 2007

Thank you to those of you above who have taken the time to answer the question which is very helpful to me.I'll call the subscriptions dept Monday.

It's nice to see some from some of the other replies that a few members have a SOH.

Totally-braindead, you could post that reply to nearly all the threads started on the forum. Please remember not everyone here has been around along time and so does not know what's been posted previously.


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