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  Diemmess 20:30 06 Jul 2011

Am considering buying Acrobat Pro 9 to solve (at a price) several problems connected with PDF. Searching for best price among trusted suppliers the Student or Teacher packages are attractive, but "require proof" of an academic use.

How rigously are these applied? I would qualify over village charities and publishing, but the last thing I want is to spend money on software which cannot be registered.

  rdave13 23:59 06 Jul 2011

An engineer at work is doing an OU course and applied and got Windows 7 Ultimate for £60 or so he said. They will check the details of your course etc. thoroughly.

  v1asco 07:35 07 Jul 2011

It's all here acrobat conditions now it's up to you. I didn't go any further but the very cheap student deals from microsoft require a university email address or similar, for instance full office proffessional for £38 Microsoft Office for students. My son uses it and it is permitted to use a Laptop and Desktop for the primary user. Perhaps someone can reccommend a free PDF that will suit your needs?

  Diemmess 09:14 07 Jul 2011

Thank you all for your contributions.

They confirm what I had meanwhile learned for myself. The licence is clearly dependant on proof of elligibility - full stop.

bugle: I have a current thread running about suitable freebies, but didn't want to confuse matters with a link to the theme of freebie Acrobat Pro look-a-likes. Will try harder in that sphere!

  rdave13 09:41 07 Jul 2011

Have a look at this, PDF X-change

I use the free version only to read PDFs so I don't know about the pro version. Looks like you can trial it.

  HondaMan 10:14 07 Jul 2011

You could try link text

  john 52 12:50 07 Jul 2011

school search

Taken from website as hondaman has suggested

Parents, grandparents and guardians: If you are a parent or guardian or have a grandson or granddaughter for whom you would like to license the software, then you can purchase the software. The main requirement to purchase is that the end user licensee must be a student or be a faculty member in one of our listed educational institution

  Diemmess 13:42 07 Jul 2011

Commonsense has prevailed!

I have downloaded 'PDF995' which seems to be capable of almost anything. Blinded by all its expertise I muddled my way through and my problem was quickly solved.

Thanks for all the help.

  khanrashed110 10:57 30 Sep 2011

If your school does not qualify for a discount on software then you can try this company: Phoenix software. You are qualified for a discount on software as long as you have a valid email address from a UK based educational institution.

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