Student Office 2010 available to family members?

  VNAM75 22:36 20 Dec 2010

My cousin is a student and I want to purchase Office 2010 pro in his name. I need Access and Excel specifically. I understand family members are also eligible for the sizeable discount. It is here for £39 reduced from over £400.

click here

It sounds too good to be true. Can anyone confirm this and also whether it can be for both personal and businesss use (single user)?

  GaT7 23:04 20 Dec 2010

I can confirm that the offer & site are legit. They are official Microsoft Academic software resellers click here.

One is ineligible to use unless: "...the end user licensee must be a student or be a faculty member in one of our listed educational institutions." - more in the FAQs click here

As I understand it, the end user licensee - in this case your cousin - will not be using it at all.

Also see click here.

Regarding its use for business, that would be a no too unfortunately. G

  GaT7 23:09 20 Dec 2010

Please don't take what I've just written as gospel truth, but do query Microsoft directly via email or phone. Their details are at click here. G

  VNAM75 00:02 21 Dec 2010

Crossbow7 thanks. You're right, the end user has to be a student or teacher. I think my best option is to buy Excel and Access separately at £90 each.

  xania 10:40 21 Dec 2010

I know not everyone likes Ebay, but I've had amazing success picking up a perfectly ligit 3 user Office 2010 (not OEM and I don't think even upgrade) for under £100.

Even now there's plenty of non academic software available, but pay via PAYPAL and if there are probelms you will get your money back!

click here

  VNAM75 13:44 21 Dec 2010

Thanks, but I can't trust ebay for software (most other things yes) and I'm not a Microsoft member.

  GaT7 15:09 21 Dec 2010

You're right about not trusting eBay with software, but only a couple have turned out to be fake of the 20 or so purchased over the years. And I received a full refund for both. In one instance, the seller got in touch with me to say it's most probably fake before I even had a chance to try it! He came to know belatedly himself after selling a batch, & issued a full refund soon after.

One tip is to buy from a 'Business' seller, as there's a greater chance it's legit & one's more likely to get a refund. And pay via PayPal as xania suggested.

These days Microsoft have a free diagnostics tool to determine whether an Office licence key (as this is the most important part) is fake or not in a few minutes. It's called MGADiag & is recommended to run by everyone (click here) before posting its results at the Microsoft Office forums click here. Similarly with their OSes click here - this is how I confirmed my first Win7 purchase from eBay was a fake. G

  GaT7 16:14 21 Dec 2010

£8.95 for Office 2010 Pro - that's incredible ßeta! Never heard of MSHUP until you mentioned it. G

  Simsy 07:14 22 Dec 2010

"Home User Programme", does have some restrictions;

Product must be activated, and can only be on one "computer" PC or MAC.

Only one copy may be bought. (With Office 2007 physical media was posted, with Office 2010 it's a download). I was told, in an email from Microsoft, that this means either PC or MAC version, (but a colleague of mine was able to buy both!)

Any purchase of HUP product de-licenses a previous version, (eg if you bought Office 2007 under HUP, then buy Office 2010 under HUP, the 2007 version licence is no longer valid)

Licence is only valid whilst you work for the company concerned.

The software must be bought via a work email address, where they send a download link and the activation code.

So really, not too onerous, especially given the cost!!
Very clever marketing I think!



  Marko797 08:36 22 Dec 2010

thanks for this, very useful. My wife's a student and have checked; her college is eligible, so I can get MS Office for £38, and Visio Premium for £80. Latter saves us £566!

  xania 10:47 22 Dec 2010


Thanks for these links. I will keep them safe as I make frequent use of Ebay and you can't be took careful.


I know you have to be careful about Ebay software, but nowadays you can safely get some amazing bargains which are legit.

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