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  Steffles 22:41 24 Nov 2005

My old computer has just died and I need to find one which will allow me to do all my student things on it e.g. essays, spreadsheets, but I would also like to play games without them being very slow. Does anyone know any good ones with at least a 40GB hard drive and preferably under £400?

  spuds 23:57 24 Nov 2005

PC World are advertising one at £399.00 complete with flat screen,80gb drive and free printer.

  wee eddie 00:45 25 Nov 2005

In other words, what you don't need to replace.

That is, including Software as well as Hardware.

The main problem is the Graphics Card. Decent ones tend to be pricey. Like £150+.

Maybe you can find a rich Gamer friend who is just buying the latest Card at £350 and offer him £40 for the old one. That'll make the money go further.

  Totally-braindead 03:17 25 Nov 2005

If you want to play games it will cost more than you have to spend. Only thing I can say is that the PCs at this price band tend to be onboard graphics which will play some games but you don't mention the sort of things you want to play, if you do buy one of them then you should make sure it has an AGP slot, that way in a few months time you can spend a little bit more, perhaps £60-80 and get a half decent graphics card.
If you really want a PC that can play games for £400 then I would say you have 2 choices, either you buy second hand or go for a base unit and use your existing monitor, speakers and keyboard. If you can do that then you should be able to get a reasonable PC for your budget. If you have a look at PC World and perhaps Dell they do great deals sometimes and providing whatever you buy has an AGP slot you can easily buy a graphics card later. I remember that Dell was doing a system for £299 last week but the computer had no AGP slot hence you couldn't play a lot of games on it but that aside it was a good deal for the money.

  nar 11:53 25 Nov 2005

Best bet would be to build your own computer using bits you already have such as keyboard, mouse, monitor and buy a new mobo, processor etc. First i would research what you need using books (the dummies guide is pretty good) and then research the parts. I always buy through ebuyer as they are the cheapest but some people dont like them (see other posts here) either way its worth a look because customers leave reviews about the products and you can learn alot from them. I did. Novatech also are very good.

Also use this site ask questions and most people are very very helpful. I recently bought a new 160 gig hd, new psu, 17" tft monitor, 6600gte graphics card, Amd proc, windows xp and mother board for £550. As you may not need all this you can easily get a new system that will run all new games and programmes for 400 quid. It will take a couple of weeks research though.

You can buy a system from Dell et al but it will not be as good and not run todays games.

Feel free to ask questions.

  keewaa 12:10 25 Nov 2005

Depends what games you want to play, but £400 isn't a high enough budget for a good games machine. If you forget about the games, then anything will do.

If you want games, make sure the mb has AGP or preferrably now PCIe slots. Dell 3100, 1100 have onboard graphics and do NOT have any slot to add a graphics card.

  Steffles 14:15 25 Nov 2005

I don't want high-quality gaming or anything, I just want to be able to play a few games without them stopping and starting the way they did on my old computer.

I only actually need a new base unit as well, everything else works fine.

  canard 22:54 01 Dec 2005

Gladiator- if you phone the number they will add and subtract items from the package so you only get and pay for what you want. Got what I wanted for £330 and am very happy with it

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