joe_123a 21:49 21 Dec 2005


in need of a decent spec system, preferably Pentium 4 or dual-core. seen the novatech barebones and they're good, but struggling to find which ones best for me. will be doin a lot of soundwork/photoediting etc.

£400 limit - dont need monitor etc -

click here

any ideas?

  wee eddie 22:33 21 Dec 2005

Pretty critical at this time of year

  joe_123a 23:27 21 Dec 2005

not too fussed on how soon, would like to order soon, but not critical

  Pamy 20:10 22 Dec 2005

Had a look at Novatech, their £398ish barebones would end up costing your near £700, better to go to Aldi.

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