Strong Processor vs Strong Graphics Card?

  [email protected] 11:27 20 Sep 2005

Not sure if there is an easy answer to this.

Which system would give the best performance (specifically in Half Life / Counter Strike?

AMD 2400+ with a (Vanilla) AGP Geforce 6600 256mb


Pentium 3.4 with a weaker PCI-E Radeon X600 256mb

Both systems running with 1Gb of RAM.

Cheers for any advice!

  gudgulf 14:07 20 Sep 2005

If you are talking about the original HalfLife and not HalfLife2 then either will be more than good enough.

If it is halfLife2 you mean then I would like a bit more information as to where the choice you give originates from and a budget if you are intending to upgrade.

  [email protected] 15:07 20 Sep 2005

Hi sorry yep I do meal HL2 & CS Source.

Story is that I'm currently running a Home built PC (The AMD 2400+ with the Vanilla Geforce 6600) & have the option of buying a Dell PC through work at a rather good price - the Dell Dimension 5100, Pentium 3.4 with the Radion X600.

Still trying to find out if I would be able to upgrade the Graphics card in the Dell (its a Lease type agreement where the PC is mine after 3 years).

Anything else you need?

  gudgulf 16:35 20 Sep 2005

Start by having a look at click here

Even though this is all pci-e cards the relative performance of a vanilla 6600 vs an ATI x600 series card is revealed.As they stand I would expect that if you ran some benchmarks on the two machines the overall results would be about the same....the P4 would get the maximum performance from the x600 but your existing cpu might just hold the 6600 back a little bit.

Ok the bottom line is that for HalfLife2 neither machine is particularly well specified.But of the two the Dell is going to be the best for would need to go for a 6600gt or ATI x800 as a minimum.That make the Dell the best option as it will take and run well whatever high end card you want to put in it.Your original pc is running a pretty well balanced set up already and upgrading the graphics card might not really achieve much.

If you have some money to spare, and the price of the Dell is that good AND you are allowed to ugrade within the terms of the lease it might be a very good way of getting an up to date pc.

I'm not sure how much of an answer this is for you,but I hope it helps.

  [email protected] 17:06 20 Sep 2005

Cheers for that!

I have checked & it looks as if I'll be able to upgrade the Dell without too much comeback :-) & as you point out I can't really do much with my current system without changing both its guts & graphics card.

It looks as if I'll be getting a nice shiny Dell & then changing the graphics reasonably soon.

Just a pity that Dell seems to think that the deal I'm being offered doesn't offer the option to upgrade the Card at source.

Then again mustn't look a gift horse & all that!

Thanks again

  [email protected] 17:15 20 Sep 2005

The line in the above post that starts "just a pity" & ends "card at source" is an amalgamation of 2 trains of thought which collided & never seperated!

I'm off to lie down now! :-)

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