strange pc add ons

  kspatto 23:56 05 Jun 2004

"you know that you need this for your computer"
thats the description given by simply computers for a cigarette lighter and cup holder that fits into your spare drive bay

weird or what

(page 11 of their latest catalogue or see link click here)

anyone know of anything weirder and why doesnt the mag cover items of such national importance
kenny p

  mole44 08:11 06 Jun 2004

belive or not i saw a softop car with air conditioning,why ????

  Totally-braindead 15:01 07 Jun 2004

How about an inflatible computer operator to keep your PC company when you're not there. ( have actually seen this but can't remember where, meant as a novelty item it was but wasn't cheap, about £20 if I remember rightly)

  AcidBurn7uk 15:05 07 Jun 2004

I have a cigarette lighter attached to my PC. I don't smoke but I can safely say "I know nobody else with one!"

  Totally-braindead 16:03 07 Jun 2004

How about one of these click here could this be classed as an essential item?

  computernerdiamnot 17:30 07 Jun 2004

They have been around for some time now. you can use the ciggarette lighter to charge your phone on if you dont smoke or use it for any 12v device that uses a ciggarette lighter.

  computernerdiamnot 17:33 07 Jun 2004

I am also waiting for my set of alloy wheels with spinners on and the spoiler and tailgate with matching side skirts and a chunky exhaust in the hope that my win 98 will cath up to xp. :o))

  computernerdiamnot 17:39 07 Jun 2004

For the die hclick here computer geek

  AcidBurn7uk 18:20 07 Jun 2004

I also have my little fridge next to me (which can be powered off my lighter thingy) and I am trying to get a little sink thing that AA breakdown vans have. Then hopefully connect that to a water filter and the filter to a PC water cooling system, and you become self effecient. (With the exception of power of course, but boy can those hamsters run!)

  hugh-265156 18:27 07 Jun 2004

click here would be my ideal addon :-)

  SGT [email protected] 18:57 07 Jun 2004

click here

this would be mine so if anybody wants to donate a few quid towards it lol

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