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  PC Advisor. 17:46 19 Jan 2004

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  powerless 19:34 19 Jan 2004

Just a bit a' "we can be bothered" if you ask me.

5 months of 512Kbps and then 56K because of 10dB over the 60dB limit.

Line fault has developed, just need to sort it...

  Falkyrn 19:34 19 Jan 2004

BT will probably dismiss the matter as a "one off" and freak connection but it does question the technical specifications being used by BT to justify the Supply of Broadband.

To my mind BT would have been better to continue to supply the service previously recieved but with the proviso that if it failed due to line interference they could not be held to blame. Instead they have chosen to rely on and emphasise, what is possibly dubious empirical evidence of distance from the exchange.

  plsndrs3 19:47 19 Jan 2004

I assume that AOL Broadband will impose the minimum contract period - who pays for this? If Broadband should never have been received - and BT advised that everything was OK - will BT pay the penalty for cancelling the B/B connection - or will they just say that it was nothing to do with them?


  georgemac 20:21 19 Jan 2004

I'd be the last to defend BT, and they obviously made an error in making the BB connection in the first place, but BT are forced to invest in the hardware, while I believe forced to charge higher prices than other BB providers (if they undercut them the cries of unfair competition will be heard from afar) who can then make a profit on using BT hardware. I also realise if there were no competition BT would up the charges so we're caught between a rock and a hard place.

I speak as someone who lives more than 6Km from the nearest BB exchange, and our village needs to get 300 notices of interest from roughly 1000 homes before they would upgrade our exchange. So likely never to get broadband.

Our nearest town (pop 18000) was BB enabled after 100 expressions of interest (MP etc involved). I would have thought the cost of upgrading exchanges would also depenf to an extent on the scale of the exchange? Just wish I could get it.

  georgemac 20:24 19 Jan 2004

I'd be prepared to accept 256K for the lower price if that were technically feasible over a distance of more than 6KM. Tiscali now doing this for £20 per month, only £5 more than most dialup anytime services.

  hoop 21:04 19 Jan 2004

Funny how it`s only after BT "repair" the line that BB can`t be provided. Would be interesting to know what the actual repair that was needed in the first place was.

If they won`t resume BB, as plsndrs3 says, who will pick up the bill for the remaining contract? I feel it should definately be BT as they ok`ed the availability and he had been getting it for a long time!

This is cause for concern for people like myself as I have been told I am on the edge of the area that can get BB (seems I`m within range as the crow flies, but because of the way the lines are routed here I`m on the edge) when our local exchange is enabled on the 21st of this month.

I and many others could end up agreeing to a 12 month contract after being told we can get the service to find out that BT haven`t carried out the tests properly and part of the way into the contract the service could be stopped after a "repair" to the line.


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