Stick with old monitor?

  Thurrafork 02:10 28 Oct 2005

I'm going to be getting a new system soon, probably either a Evesham or a Cube247, which I'll be using for various things including gaming - it'll hopefully have a nice 7800gpu.
The thing is, I'm wondering if it would be wise to save money and stick with my present monitor. It's a 19" Mitsubishi Diamond Plus 92 CRT monitor (plug and play) bought in '02. As far as I'm concerned it's pretty good, but I have an admittedly small frame of reference. If I were to get a new screen I'd probably go for a Viewsonic vx912 or vx924 - which I gather are splendid screens - but really how much better than my old Mitsubishi? Especially since the CRT can go up to a nice res or 1600x1200 - perfect to let the 7800 shine. What do people think?

  flyingbrit 03:57 28 Oct 2005

Well Thurrafork if your Mitsubishi is working well I would keep it unless you need more space. I had a trinitron 19" die on me 6 weeks ago and I had to have a new screen(which by the way I'm chuffed with...Acer 1913)but if it hadn't died I'd still have it.To get a tft screen to go at higher res than 1280x1024 you need to go to 20" then things get a bit giddy on price. And if you have a 7800 gpu why not run it as high as poss which you'll not be able to on 19" oppinion for what it's worth......britsdad

  Jdoki 13:58 28 Oct 2005

Totally agree with Britsdad

I'm running a Iiyama 19" CRT, and a fair number of my games at 1600x1200 - I have a 6800Ultra.

Even if my CRT died I'd probably get another one... what's the point of having a kick-butt graphics card and having to limit it to 1280x1024???

  Thurrafork 14:09 28 Oct 2005

Ok - then I'm starting to veer more towards keeping my old monitor then. Am i likely to have any trouble connecting it to the new pc/gpu?

  flyingbrit 16:36 28 Oct 2005

No,there's no possible reason why you should,all gpu's have analog connections,it's just that some don't have dvi,you will have no worries.....britsdad

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:53 28 Oct 2005

That is not strictly true, some high end cards now come with two dvi ports and no analogue d-sub.

  Thurrafork 17:00 28 Oct 2005

Hmm, that could prove a problem as the only lead from my crt monitor is analogue. Is there any kind of adapter that could solve this? I guess I'll just have to ask Cube if the 7800GTX they include has an analogue connection as well as DVI.

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:04 28 Oct 2005

Have a look at this.

click here

  Thurrafork 17:15 28 Oct 2005

Thanks Mr Mistoffelees - good to know that if the gpu has only dvi output i won't be lost.
Now i'm thinking I'll maybe even stay with my present speakers and keyboard also.

  Zak 19:33 28 Oct 2005

I have just upgraded to a Mesh built to order.

It was supplied with a keyboard and mouse. I am using my old monitor from Dell (17" Trintron, Harman/Kardon speakers, Dell Keyboard and mouse. All these items are from original Dell purchase in March 1999.

No problem with running these on my spanking new Matrix2 SLI - Dual core AMD 3,800+ processor.

Once funds permit I will get some nice 5.1 or 7.1 speakers, as for the monitor I will wait until it needs replacing. BTW my graphics card takes both digital and analogue connections.

I hope this helps.

Even my old HP DeskJet 720C printer hooked up with no problems.

  josie mayhem 22:18 28 Oct 2005

Me I would keep the CRT.

I've used deveral makes of TFT, work wise and my lappy that is only 2 months old, and I'm not sure weather it's me and my eyes but the TFT screens always (no matter what make) seem to have a concave effect to them. I've found the actual graphics to be alright, it's the damm concave effect that I hate.

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