steering wheel advice

  mikeyboy32 13:09 28 Mar 2005

I'm looking around internet to buy my first steering wheel for my new xp pc.I'm looking at the force feedback type ones in particular, with the microsoft sidewinder looking impressive but its bit expensive! Also i've heard that the sidewinder may not work on windows xp, can someone clarify this at all?
And can anyone recommend a good pc steering wheel?

  microswift 15:30 28 Mar 2005

I can confirm that the microsoft force feedback usb wheel does work with win xp, at least with two games anyway, nfs underground and cmr rally 2.

  mikeyboy32 15:34 28 Mar 2005

thanks for that mate.
i've noticed some of the sidewinder steering wheels have a serial,gameport? or 15 pin connection.would i just be able to plug into serial port on my pc with this partcular model and use just like i would with the usb model.or would i need extra hardware to do this? or do i just need the driver for it?

  microswift 15:40 28 Mar 2005

You could connect via serial gameport and presumably appropriate drivers would be on the cd that comes with the wheel, though my experience has been with the usb connected wheel.

  mikeyboy32 15:44 28 Mar 2005

I've got a serial connection on the back of my pc.but is this the same as what i'd use for any gamepads/wheels etc do you know?

  microswift 15:53 28 Mar 2005

Yes, I believe that any type of hardware with a serial plug can be connected to the serial port, though I would go for usb connection.

  mikeyboy32 15:57 28 Mar 2005

thanks a lot for your help.why would you go for the usb over the serial port it just for installation purposes or would the usb version play better?

  microswift 16:11 28 Mar 2005

Usb devices are hot swapable, most pc's now have front usb ports, so convienence is a consideration, I can,t say if any game would play better with the hardware connected via usb, I,ve only ever used usb port.

  Jackcoms 17:49 28 Mar 2005

Steering wheels should be used in one place and place only - road vehicles.

They are NOT for use on computers.

  shizzy 22:45 28 Mar 2005

The Sidewinder wheels do not work with all games on XP and Microsoft don't support them for XP. I would not risk spending on one. I don't even know if you can buy a new one now. The Momo and Saitek (440 model I think) both work with the main racing sims. The Sidewinder did seem to be the best but won't configure for all games in XP.( unless someone knows of a patch.)

  Starfox 00:12 29 Mar 2005

This is a good wheel click here

Jackoms,you are joking aren't you?

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