Starting again -well nearly

  jack 15:15 22 Jul 2005

This old beastie that I am sitting front of- well nearly it resides under the desk to my left and only the screen and Keyboard is in front- is now 4 years old - well nearly - its like the chestnut- King Arthurs Axe - 1500 years old and original except only head 4 heads and 20 handles

The MoBo/PSU/CPU/Graphics are original - all else is recent replacements upgrades- So I am thinking well she works OK leave as is - but then processor is only 1.4 Mghz the PSU is only 300 watt the graphics is only a basic NVDIA 32mb etc

The box can stay so only a Mobo/Processor then, maybe is all I need to make it up to speed.
But then you build experts starting talking about new PCI and AGP -types and I am slipping into a coma of confusion
So What is the start point?
Decide processor and find a board to fit it?
or what - point me in the right direction guys.

  freaky 15:45 22 Jul 2005

Before offering any advice, can you state what you mainly use your PC for ?

  keef66 15:54 22 Jul 2005

Does it still do everything you need it to? If so, leave it as it is.
If you can't help yourself, then the easiest upgrade route is to buy a mobo / cpu + heatsink & fan / memory bundle; some come ready assembled and tested. That way you save some money and you're guaranteed compatibility. Cost from £100 to £300 depending on spec. The lower end of the Athlon 64's appears to offer best performance vs value for money at the moment
However, once you've done that, you'll probably have developed a taste for it, and want to replace your graphics card as well. Massive choice of AGP and PCI-express versions; make sure you get the right type for the new mobo. Cards based on Nvidia's 6600gt can be had for £120 now, and again appear to be the best bang for your buck right now.
And if you go for a more powerful graphics card like the 6600gt, you'll probably find the PSU is no longer up to the job.
Then you'll think your hard drive is too slow / small etc etc etc.

Before you know it you can easily have spent over £500. OK, so it will be a pretty good machine, but for £700-800 you could have a brand new high spec system in fashionable black and silver, tft screen, cordless kb / mouse etc etc and a 3 year warranty.

I generally only upgrade if a component fails. (eg the psu just blew so I've gone for a better Antec model) Otherwise I buy a new pc when the current one falls too far behind the technology and new stuff doesn't work on it.

  961 16:14 22 Jul 2005

I have to say that at 4 years old it is likely that the mobo would need replacing to allow a cpu which you can buy today. Then you'll need new memory and probably a new psu.

On that basis if what you have does what you need, stick with it and save for a new unit, which will probably come complete with a new operating system that would cost you over £50 by itself.

You can get a new computer from the likes of Dell for £300 upwards, and on that basis starting to buy a new mobo and cpu for hardware that is 4 years old seems to offer poor value for money

  De Marcus 16:46 22 Jul 2005

You could consider a Mobo bundle. click here have some excellent packages.

  jack 17:04 22 Jul 2005

Gents all
Thank you for the advice
Freaky - Digi Photo- image editing is the main thing- No games, and internet of course.
NovaTech seem to have the best bundles
and that seems to way to go.
for all your interest.
The sys as is an MSI K7T266 MoBo with Athlone 1.4
In an ATX case

the drive is only 40 Gb but I have an 200 External USB and a Firewire caddy with only an old 2gig drive but ready for more.All new this year so swappy swappy may be on the cards - or leave as is- because the 40gig is only C drive and is only 30% occupied.All data is kept off machine
Memory new this year 1Gb[2-512] Crucial
So MoBo and P/S with perhaps later graphics seems to be the way

  freaky 18:29 22 Jul 2005

Treated the Mrs to a Novatech in January this year to stop her using my Mesh!!

Actually I just bought a Base Unit + Keyboard and Mouse. Worked no problem straight out of the box. They have a good selection to choose from and offer good value for money.

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