Star Trek Elite Force 2

  Wirral Bagpuss 09:18 06 Apr 2003

Anyone know when this is due to be released?.

  ordep 09:55 06 Apr 2003

28 May 'ish

  ThisNameIsMine 14:29 06 Apr 2003

Reports suggest end of May/Early June. To find out other game release dates click here and enter "<game name> Release Date"

  Wirral Bagpuss 17:56 06 Apr 2003

Thanks for the link and dates. Looks like i'll be busy over the summer!. have mastered Elite Force 1, can't wait for the sequel. Only problem though, is will i need a new graphics card. I currently have Nvida G Force 2. Will this work with the Quake 111 Arena environment?

  bigdamouk 22:49 06 Apr 2003

your probably going to struggle with a GF2, if you dont want to spend a lot on a new one then the GF3 ti-200 is only £75(ish) or you could wait for the new breed of Geforce FX the 5200 is only going to be around the £130 mark!

  bigdamouk 22:50 06 Apr 2003

the Geforce FX 5200 is benchmarked at the same level as a Geforce 4 4200i

  Hachi-Roku 06:05 07 Apr 2003

i was kinda expecting more from the Geforce FX but it looks like it wouldnt be worth the effort! least its cheaper than Ati's current radeon cards!

  ordep 07:23 07 Apr 2003

Now that you have finished the game, try using the cheats. Adds a hole new dimension to the game, and is good fun. Extends the playability factor to...

  bigdamouk 07:52 07 Apr 2003

The FX 5200 is only the low end FX series, the top card is the FX 5800 which will set you back £350!

  Wirral Bagpuss 22:35 07 Apr 2003

ARRRRRRRGH!. Another new graphics card!. Oh well, looks like i'll have to fork out another £75.00 then!. Just as i was thinking of buying a laptop for work!!.

Thanks for all your help on this though!

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